Wednesday, 25 July 2012

33 already??

Warning: Post is overflowing with photos!!

7 AM - The princess is woken by her prince. What? I have a crown...ergo....princess!

Hospital morning hawtness
 Brad woke me up to this:

Who doesn't love McDonalds' hotcakes???

He also brought my sneakers in so I can stare at them...and show them off. They are a hit with the staff; one tried to sneak off with them, I tackled her and put her in a headlock.

And he gave me this:

Let me know if you need a tissue

Notice I didn't show all of the 2nd card...:))) Some things are not meant to be shared ;)

He's just such a one in a million guy that I had to post this to brag that he's all mine. (However, if you want 1 date with him, negotiation is possible. I will consider trading that for 1 Starbucks - tall blonde with hazelnut.)

Griffin sent me this birthday picture:
G-man sleeping in on my birthday; him & I will have to have a talk about this
My nurse promised me she would give me my meds early so that I could get the heck out of here early. So, to have a little birthday fun, I buzz the nurses station. It goes down like this:


Nurse: Hello? Can I help you?
Me: Hi, it's my birthday and I'm just waiting for my birthday cake??

Stunned Silence...

Nurse, after fumbling around in her head thinking of what to say: Oh, well, Happy Birthday!!!
Me: Thanks, but seriously, where's my cake!??

***Kidding on the last part...I didn't go that far. Should have though, cake is gooood. Good news is my nurse came in a minute later to get my IV going...allowing me to break out extra early. 

I'm not sure why I still love birthdays. I think I will always be a kid. I guess it's cause it's my day to feel special; so I will bask in it!
Drinks I won't actually consume
I'm pretty sure this is what my fans look like
A friend of mine, with CF, received his call for lungs almost 5 years ago on his birthday, while he was in lockup, in this hospital! I didn't realize the details until he emailed me this morning. Crazy...will that happen to me?? If new lungs arrive today, I will trade 2 mars bars (they bring them to me as snacks here) and a cheeseburger.

Today was Ted's (Brad's dad) birthday too. It was fun to celebrate together; although I think he should have had a crown too!!
Happy Birthday Ted!!

I received two more cool cards today that I absolutely have to share:
From Ted & Judy - notice I'm the monkey with the red shoes

From Brad's brother Craig and his family...princess recognition!

We took the G-man to the park (I had to wear the crown) for 4:30 so we could see the park peeps and I was surprised by this from Craig:
Possibly the best cake I've ever eaten in my life
Hilda & Craig
We went out for dinner at Jack Astor's. When we were done I realized the time and made like Cinderella, flying back to the hospital with Brad in the "driver's seat" and me in the "actual seat".

When we walked in my room, this was waiting for me from Lindsay:
Such a happy little yellow guy
Although I was stuck in lockup, I was able to get out from 11 - sometime after 7 (oops) and I had a fabulous time.  Thank you Brad for treating me like a princess every day, not just on my birthday.
Snuck in an oxygen-free photo

You know what? It's okay if my new lungs don't come today. It will happen when it's supposed to...but I do hope it's before I turn 34.

Hopefully someone, somewhere, received the gift of life today.


  1. looks like a lot of fun for your birthday PRINCESS :)

  2. So glad to have been a little part in making your day special. Glad you had a great time. Thanks again for sharing your birthday "mojo" with me... it worked, lol! See you soon. Craig

    1. Oh Craig, you were a HUGE part in making my day special! I'm glad it worked :))

  3. Looks like it was an amazing day for you little princess. I cant believe that Craig didnt send me a piece of cake to NS. Next time when I visit I better get to try a piece of one. LOL. You are one lucky lady to have everyone around you that "loves" you. Hopefully I will be back up there sooner rather then later to visit you. Maybe next time it will be when u get that biggest call of your life. xoxo

    1. I miss you lots, can't wait to have my Red back again!

  4. OK, so a business proposition for ya...scuze me, just had to have a sip of your tall blonde...we take Brad (I'll hold him down, you pluck a few hairs) and we start cloning this wonderful man! Every woman will want one! That's about half the population (young and old, cause you know he has universal appeal)...we'll set a reasonable price and sell out in no time, so then we can buy everything we need so you can do all this Bi-pap; PICC line; personal care staff at home and G-man won't have to miss you. Yes, we'll even get a bed that moves in all directions, but it will be wider so Brad doesn't have to perch precariously on the edge! oh, you want a buzzer too...well that can happen!
    Sooo glad to hear you had a great day and those shoes are kickin'.

    We've finally got some rain comin' down, and a break in the humidity (for 2 days anyway)...see you soon for comfort food, chocolate cake and cards...

    Can't wait to exchange these cyber hugs for long-arms-wrapped-around-ya, never-letting-go-first in-person ones!
    xoxo (you) xo (Brad) pat pat belly rub (G-man)
    P & C

    1. As I said yesterday, Let's do this! When do we start??

  5. happy Birthday Jessica. so glad you had a memorable day with the ones you love. the lucky day will be coming soon, i just know it. i cracked an egg this morning and what did i get but a double yolked egg. that has to be a lucky charm. your sneakers look fabulous. wear them in good health.

    1. I loved the double yolk! Thanks for sending. Just a matter of time...

  6. hip hip hooray! happy birthday!

    1. Thank you! I read your blog. You still living in Toronto?

  7. You might get something in the mail. Just sayin...

    1. Loved, loved LOVED my mail!!! Love you and so happy you came to surprise me!!!

  8. by the way, you typed about how wonderful the sneakers are and we , the readers of this blog are so excited to hear about it and then poof you don't show us a photo of them at all. :( (well i actually saw them in real life but thought your other peeps may want to see them too)

    1. Check one of my last couple posts - they are there! I HAD to show those beauts off!!