Friday, 27 July 2012

Freedom Reigns

I woke this morning to an email card from Pamela and it's just too awesome not to share:

Busted out today and I didn't even require Brad to distract the staff so that I could make a run/wheel for it. My nurse came in at 8 AM and said "You get to go home at 10". Freedom baby!

Brad had another lesson on flushing the picc as it has to be done once/day. He did real well. I'm so proud. I might not even have to be afraid for my life now.

We finally got finished with the IV and then brought in a fork truck to gather up all the paraphernalia I accumulated while in the hospital. We dumped it all on my lap and wheeled off into the sunset. Well, there was a sunset somewhere.

We came home to the G-man wagging his tail so hard I thought the thing was going to detach from his body and then he proceeded to show me how much cooler he is than Squeaker. We took him to the park so he could run and then had a Big Brother marathon (as I haven't seen it as it started the day I went in to the ICU). Yes, I love Big Brother. Guilty. Pleasure.

I was exhausted after doing practically nothing, so I ended up sprawled out in bed, snuggling my little furry boy, while Brad went back to the hospital for my C Diff meds that were ready for pick up. It was quite the experience. He gets there and the pharmacist advises him that the total for a 2 month supply is $5000. Which is totally perfect. Pocket change, right? They couldn't figure out how to bill it to NS, but they gave him 12 pills to last until Monday when I have to go back to settle it. 

My profound advice - don't get C Diff.

Brad also ran to the grocery store and picked up dinner. We went to the rooftop to bbq some chicken burgers, and after trying to start them, found out they neither one was working. So that was fun.

As I was sitting there, watching Brad try to get the flames going (I'm really helpful), I counted 9 cranes. This city is just booming with construction. I've decided that I'd like to operate one; you know, just construct some sky scrapers. Perhaps tomorrow I'll slap on a hard hat, metatarsals, safety goggles, and hook that up.

My phone rang at 5 PM. Turns out I have to go back to the hospital on Monday to have the picc removed. They decided it wasn't worth the risk to leave it in "just in case". Another one can easily be jammed in my flesh if I get sick again.

I'll be sad as it is so fashionable. 

We watched the London Olympics opening ceremony and it really made me feel like a superstar. The closing song on CTV "I Believe" makes me actually believe that I can rip the O2 off my face, fly out of my wheelchair and take the gold in the 100 metre dash.

And if that doesn't happen, I'll settle for being a superhero:
Photo courtesy of Jamie Carver


  1. $5000???!!! I'm so glad we live in Canada...and that the CF Foundation exists....holy smokes. So glad you are free!! Even if it is to watch Big nut. I"ll admit that I watched it one year with my room mate. there anything better than coming home to a dog? No human could ever possibly be as happy to see us as they are.

    1. Ok, listen, Big Brother is one big social experiment and I LOVE it. I love picking my favorite and screaming at the tv :)
      Nothing better than coming home to a dog! Love the G-man's tap dancing and little squeaks!

  2. So glad to have you back on the outside!
    Glad you liked the e-card...I thought Shakespeare appropriate for a Princess!
    C U at physio!

  3. So glad you are out of the hospital. Griffin will be thrilled that you are now with him full time. i think you look pretty terrific when we saw you in the park. rest up and try not to do too much to tire yourself out.

    1. Thanks Hilda, although I usually look quite amazing in my physio outfits and uncombed hair, right??

  4. I am so glad to here that you finally escaped and back with the fur baby and Brad full time. Now u can get back to your park peps and back to all the wonderful Big Brother drama. Hopefully u watched all of it now. I am so glad that u are back to feeling better then you were. Miss u here is Halifax. xoxo

    1. Miss you lots Red. Can't wait to see your face again. Skype soon.