Monday, 9 July 2012

Nausea & Sauerkraut

I had a pretty good night last night; it was my first night doing all 3 cans of food as per GI Joe's recommendation. I got the flow rate down, amount of mls divided by 9 hours and I thought it would work out ok.

I took his advice and smashed up my domperidone (used to control nausea) and put it right in with the feeds as opposed to swallowing them. What's hilarious is that Dad had no idea what I was doing. He sees me with this white powder and says "What in the heck are you doing?"

Just stuff I got from the park people Daddy!

Everything was great overnight, I felt like a superhero when I woke up; surely I gained 15 pounds!!! Then came the dark clouds to ruin my party...calories don't help much if they end up coming back up your throat. I felt queasy - Domperidone Don'tworkidone.

I'm going to give it another try tonight. Maybe I just need to ease in to it? I honestly thought my stomach was tougher than that. Feeling queasy and coughing don't mix well. However, I am very good at coughing so hard I throw up; I've noticed afterward that it gives me a nice on blush? (None of you try this, it's my thing, k?) I have to stop coughing...there's got to be someone I can call for that, right?

Today was pretty quiet at physio. Carman (New Brunswick guy) was there, which was the first time we got to work out together! It was nice, but it would be much nicer post-transplant, eh Carman? We'll be bench pressing everybody in the room, running 50km marathons, picking up cars with one hand and other really impressive stuff.

I got through my entire workout and kept my sats above 90% (with a little help from a little friend named O2)!!! It was Dad's last day in the physio room as he leaves Thursday morning. He met a couple there from Truro today - it seems like you always run into a Maritimer, no matter where you are!

Dinner time.

Dad and I decide to BBQ hotdogs. I was starving; I was staring at the door trying to make Dad walk through it with the food (the BBQ's on the rooftop terrace). Finally the dogs are here!!

So there I was, stuffing hotdogs, piled to the ceiling with sauerkraut, in my mouth and then I realize I can't breathe. It's decision time:

Eat or Breathe??

Oxygen please....

Here we are eating junk food while Mom and Brad are at home eating healthy stuff like salad and almonds. Oh well, I get to have hamburger helper tomorrow since Brad's not here (he hates it). I'll take it as once he's back it's back to healthy food.

My breathing was much better today. Still short, but getting increasingly better...until we headed out to the park. Suddenly I can't get anything close to a deep breath and look like some sort of freak walking along with Squeaker. Step, tug Squeaker, step, tug Squeaker, step, tug Squeaker...all in what seemed like slow motion. It's a wonder I haven't got run over in the crosswalk since these drivers are all in such a hurry (still haven't figured out where they're going that the extra 2 seconds matter so much).

Dad brought my camping chair for the second night in a row. I refused the wheelchair again as I kinda hate it (wearing O2 =  pity looks, wearing O2 while in a wheelchair = double pity looks - gross) and I need to walk to see how I do breathing wise and energy wise.

Thank you Dad for bringing the chair!!

He's a smart man...that chair sure comes in handy. Not only does it give me a way to rest and save energy, it also allows me to be a princess. Yup - the Park Princess. I'm sure Hilda (one of the park peeps) will be presenting me with a crown one of these days. It would only be right.

Speaking of Hilda, her dog Adjey is becoming best buds with the G-man. We took a video of them with my phone, but I can't figure out how to upload the thing. I can't seem to save it or do anything remotely useful with it.

Check out the double rainbow we saw while sitting on the balcony:


Obviously there is a double rainbow because someone's getting a double-lung transplant tonight.


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  1. well princess Jessica one of these days we will crown you. you do a good job watching over us.