Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This Princess is Legit

Couldn't do the entire 3 cans again! Couldn't do it! Woke up feeling gross and full...had to shut it down. I'm not going to worry, I'm going to keep trying. One of these nights it might work.

Did my aerosols and went back to bed. Couldn't keep my eyes open. Woke up and Dad was gone out walking again. He already walked this morning - the man is a machine! He always reports the homeless count in the park. 6 this morning, down from yesterday. Seeing so many homeless people really makes you stop and think...makes you really grateful for what you have and reminds you to never take it for granted.

After Vital Aire came and refilled R2-D2 we decided to go exploring. I had to ride in the chair as my breathing was not great, plus it's too much walking for my lazy lungs. Dad only tried to off me once this trip!

Look what we spotted:

Ice cream truck - booyah

Me: "Butterscotch sundae please."
Ice cream girl: "What kind of slushy?"

So we sat/stood there eating our ice cream like a couple of kids. Dad made sure to tell ice cream girl that it was very creamy and delicious. Such a nice papa, huh? She was probably thinking who is this strange guy that's hitting on me?

We decided to check out the waterfront:

All of those sailboats are actually mine.

Sugar Beach
Really made me miss Nova Scotia. Especially when we came home and the concierge told us he was going camping for his vacation. I haven't been camping in a long freaking time, but it's still nice to know that camping is so abundant in NS. So are backyards and room to play...I miss playing outside with Brad and the boys. Granted I mostly just stood there while they ran around me, but what ev, right?

Ooooooo, I found out where Batman lives!!!

Gotham City Blvd

I'll probably be in the next movie since I've discovered this. You know, cause nobody else knows this exists.

We headed down Adelaide and walked by Trump Tower. Dad saw a helicopter on the roof this morning so naturally this happened:

Dad to the concierge: "Is Donald in today?"
Concierge: "Nope, not today."
Dad: "Well, tell him I said hi!"
Concierge: "Will do!"

We'll likely have dinner with Donald tomorrow. 

I only have 2 days left of my first antibiotic. I'm feeling better in a lot of ways and my breathing has improved....in the AM. As the day goes on it gets gradually worse. I just strap on my oxygen and keep going. I really don't have time for this to go on any longer...I have things to do; Lindsay comes tomorrow!!

Tomorrow night is Dad's last night in Toronto and we're ending his trip with dinner at Pamela and Carman's (I guess Donald will have to come too). Thank gawd, since tonight we had hamburger helper...which really was disgusting.

I guess I'm over it.

Tonight at the park I was crowned!! No. Joke.

Hilda and Craig took the princess thing to a whole new level. They went all out and picked up this beautiful crown and wand from the Dollarama. (Thanks for paying attention to my last post guys.) So, now that my cool status is affirmed, I really should have a day named after me.

I really fit in now in the park, people probably wouldn't even do a double take. I should really wear this thing my entire stay in Toronto. I just need to perfect my princess wave, but the good news is that it's as easy as pretending that you're screwing in a light bulb.

It's highly probable that you'll see me on the cover of every newspaper tomorrow.


  1. Sorry sweety, Donald had another commitment so won't be showing and you'll have to settle with just Carman and I :o)
    I'm off to Loblaws for some different meat for dinner - I've scarpped the Hamburger Helper for another time! ha, ha
    C U Soon, hugs Pj

  2. that story is hilarious re Roger and the concierge at Trump tower. maybe Craig could something with The Donald's hair when he has dinner with you.

  3. If you were camping in NS, Jess, you wouldn't be allowed to have a fire anyway...fire ban! And what is camping without a fire? Sleeping in the woods, that is what. Just wanted to send a thinking of you message today.

  4. I love your blogs Jessica... glad you are able to get out once and a while... especially for ice cream!!! What's happening with your transplants?? Any word yet? Thinking of you. Best wishes.

    Robin and Sharon

  5. Love your blog, Jess. Too funny ...at the Trump Tower. Sending you well wishes and thinking of you.


  6. Hey cuz!
    I live about an hour 1/2 from Toronto. If you are up for it, maybe the girls and I could come up and visit you!
    Hang in there and hugs and kisses from my family to yours!
    Sara Carver

  7. Hey Legit Princess.thinking of you and sanding good thoughts to you. I love your blogs and as lived in down-town TO for many years, I know where you are talking about. You always make me smile and laugh! Take care and keep smiling:) Hugs

  8. Jessica Jessica Jessica

    Bout time I put something on here..........what?

    I'll joke ya later but first.....I can only pray that your higher power (whatever you choose to call it) gives you the strength to face each day with dignity, humour and the chutzpah to carry on. You have some incredible support on here and collectively we are rooting for you.

    So.........a little 3-legged dog walks into a wild west town and the Sheriff eyes him and pulls the straw from between his teeth and says "What you doin in my town, little 3-legged dog...........don't you be lookin for trouble........we don't want trouble in this here town. So what you doin here?" And the little, 3-legged dog says "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw!!!!!"

    Booooo, I know, but it's the cleanest one I know.

    Cheers dude - keep smiling.

    Robin Keyes

  9. Michelle Robar13 July 2012 at 22:52

    Hey Jessica, thought something must of been up as I check your blog on a daily basis and I didn't see any new updates. I know you are a tough cookie, fight that infection. Hope you feel better soon. Thinking about ya. Be strong.