Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ditched the wheels

Today I woke up not wanting to throw myself back in bed for the day. It was great!

Dad was up at his usual 5:45AM...he came back to report there were 12 people sleeping in the park this morning. He walked to the CN Tower and back - I think he's trying to show me up. Oh well...I'd win in a coughing or crusty lung competition, therefore I'm much cooler.

I had an appetite this morning too! It's just nuts how things change in a matter of hours. I even ate lunch, which is highly abnormal for me. I usually don't get hungry until dinner.

We checked out the antique market today. It's just overpriced junk in my opinion. Was looking for a coffee table, but the cheapest "antique" was $150. Mmmhmmmm

I walked today!!!!

Cue standing ovation.

 I didn't want to take the wheels as it makes me feel old. The gray hair doesn't help either, but that's what dye is for!

So I strapped on my clingy friend, Mr. O2, grabbed Ox and we went out the door. I did it!! I walked the whole way - not that it's that far, but let's not diminish my awesomeness. We only had to rest a few times. I was still very short of breath, but come on, would I be recognizable if I wasn't?

Dad and I spent some time on the balcony, hoping to be entertained. Unfortunately, we didn't see any streakers like we did July 1st. Honest. To. God.

Mom and Dad were on the balcony. Dad shouts in "Girls, there's a naked guy running down the sidewalk!" Shannon and I bolted know, to cover Mom's eyes.

My sats are still not wonderful and I'm still wearing my O2 at rest, but I'm slowly improving. I've been called stubborn...but it's that stubbornness that's kung-fuing the crap out of this infection.

I forgot to mention the mail I received the other day. I was sooooo excited!!! My Nanny Robar sent me a letter. An actual handwritten letter. You take a pen and press it on paper and create sentences. Who knew one letter could make someone feel so happy? Love you Nanny.

I love mail!!!

You guys best get busy writing letters. Either that or I'll settle for a "you're electrifying", or another similar adverb, in the comment section.


  1. Hi Jessica, So glad to hear the little pillman finally did his job. Iwas afraid yiu might have to pass him a pinkslip.Have a great week with your dad (your night in shineing armer).I,m sure there will be lots more letters from Nanny. Love forever and always Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. The pillman is still working! Feeling better today even!

  2. you sure looked better last night when we saw you at the park. what a difference a day makes! hope physio goes well and you work hard at it. see you tonight at the park if you are up for it.

    1. Hopefully tonight I'll be much better than last night. I'm sure Dad will be bringing my princess chair ;)