Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Red Carpet Debut???

It's Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) day in Toronto!! I'm not sure if I'll ever be here again during this event, so we decided to go scope it out. I was hoping there would be a few celebs we'd be able to gawk at...and yay! there was.

Well, really only these guys...


and they weren't exactly close to us, but we could glimpse them through the gate. But hellllllllllo!!!!??!?! LMFAO!! Love them! One of my favorite things to do is to blast "I'm sexy and I know it" and feel like I'm the shiznit.

Even better, feeling like I'm the shiznit while wearing oxygen. It really gives me the WOW factor.

Note to the ladies: if you are ever feeling low and, perhaps a bit unsexy, strap on an O2 cannula and wait for the magic.

It looks very sexy on Grey's Anatomy, right?

I have noticed that if you are wearing oxygen the commuters are much, much nicer. In fact, they don't blast their horns, nor do they extend their third digit while waiting for you to cross the street. However, the car behind them may still do so. I figure, these people just have an urgent need to get to a toilet...

Please be aware that sometimes your oxygen tank and cart can be confused for something else; something like a radio. I know this for a fact, as I was asked this today at the grocery store. I will have to find out where they sell these ghetto blasters that attach to your nostrils.

On our way to the store we encountered these guys at the park


We thought about joining in, but figured the oxygen tank would give away the fact that we weren't actually one of them. Never mind the fact that we also wouldn't be dressed in uniform.

Told you this park was exciting. Plus we just heard that there's going to be concerts there on Thursday nights! Maybe I'll sing some songs myself. Get signed by Crusty Lung Records. Then I'll really be famous at physio.

 Tonight on the MMVA's Brad and I will be walking down this:
Red Carpet with the classy plastic intact

No, I'm just kidding.

They wanted us to, but we have other plans...something involving junk food and the couch.


  1. giggle giggle :)
    nothing profound to say, just that the post made me....well...giggle lol

  2. Is it bad that I was laughing as I wrote it and when I reread it, it makes me giggle too?