Monday, 18 June 2012

My dad, My hero

I feel horrible; yesterday was Father's Day and I forgot to give a shout out to my dad on my blog. Yes, I called him as soon as I woke up, but that's not enough for the greatest father on the planet...even the universe (I've never met an alien dad, but I'm sure they're just as wicked).

My dad is my living hero. Dad played a huge role in my CF growing up and continues to be an anchor for my sanity. I'm predominately optimistic, however, we all have our days and on such days I can always count on my papa to make me feel better. Not only does he allow me to have my sad moments, he also never judges, always makes me feel better and has me walking away with a refreshed state of mind. 

Thank you dad for everything you've done and continue to do for me. I don't tell you enough how important you are and how monumental your presence is in my life.

Love you dad!!

We took the subway today to the hospital. I forgot how much I enjoy it; it feels so New York like (don't ask me how I came up with that - probably because I'm obsessed with NY). Some individuals of this fine city did not care about my oxygen tank today. The underground tunnel is a cruel, cruel world. 

Push the freak out the way; who cares if she gets stuck in the door!

We are limiting all outdoor activities this week; it's supposed to feel like 43 degrees tomorrow and Wednesday. Gross. I am not interested in having my clothes drenched in sweat, nor am I interested in the rebellion my lungs will fling in my face.

Physio was pretty quiet today. Only two of us for most of it. Oooooooow, today Brad captured this to show just how fun physio is: 

The other buddy working out today is quite the success story. He drank, smoke and did drugs for years. Ate junk all the time, topped 340 lbs at his heaviest. Developed COPD and 2 months ago received brand new blowers.

He completely changed his life (started 2 years prior to his transplant). No more drugs, smoking or drinking. Healthy body weight and loves to exercise. He's definitely determined to stay on the right track and be an example for others. Inspiring.

It doesn't matter what your goal is guys; you can be all that you want to be. 

Leaving physio I passed a man who was, you'll never guess...wearing O2. I was just thinking to myself "he looks so familiar", when my eyes landed on the female behind him. Then it clicked; it was New Brunswick guy! Back during assessment week, Lindsay and I kept running into the same couple, along with their daughter. Inevitably, as we're all Maritimers, we started chatting. Turns out he was being assessed as well. I cursed myself for not having exchanged contact info with them and have wondered about them since. During the 2 weeks I've been listed I've constantly looked for them and also worried when I didn't see them.

It made me extremely happy to see them today and I can't wait until Carman (aka New Brunswick guy) gets his call.
Just a couple of Maritimers waiting for lungs.

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  1. Oh Baby, let me tell weren't the only one excited by a hallway encounter! Carman, Dj and I were talking about you last week and wondering if we'd see you in the hallowed halls of transplant land. Then just this weekend Carman mentioned that we hadn't seen you or a couple of others that we'd met in March and we wondered what was happening for you. So glad to see you're hear and looking forward to getting together on the weekend! All the best to you, until we bump tanks again! P&C