Saturday, 16 June 2012

Waffles X 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl Lindsay!!! Wish I were home to celebrate with you, but you'll be here in Toronto visiting before you know it! Love you lung time!

Saturday means a day off from the hospital, which now truly is my job. Wish it paid better; though I'm sure that my performance review will prove that I deserve a raise.

This morning started off with breakfast with Kayla and Jim. I used to work with Kayla at Kelly Services (and was working with her when I got sick in 2008). She's from here originally, moved to Halifax for a bit, and then came back. It was so great to see her and fun to catch up.
Kayla & I

They took us to a brunch spot called Le Petit Déjeuner; a nice retro feely (pronounced feel-eee) type deal. I, as usual, was talking too much and forgot to get a good scour of the menu, so last minute I chose a Belgian Waffle with strawberries. Delicious! My taste buds were fist pumping.

After breakfast we checked out the St. Lawrence Market, which is just down the street from us. It's so fantastic; a massive jungle of meats, fish, cheeses, baked goods, knick knacks and more. So much selection...and the best part is how close it is. Saturdays they have a vegetable market and Sundays an antique market. Can't wait to check that out me some antique stuff. 

Later in the afternoon my phone rang. A Bridgewater, NS number. Who could it be???? It was one of my favorite ladies from the 644, Maleta, in town with her daughter, Maureen, visiting her grandson (Maureen's son). Our intentions were coffee, which turned into food. We went to Marché Restaurant, which is set up like a marketplace and your food is made fresh in front of you. Again, so many choices...believe it or not we each chose a waffle. Another freaking waffle. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

On our way to meet them we came across a man feeding the birds and directing, who we thought was his wife/partner, on when to snap a picture. We couldn't resist getting evidence of this. Turns out, the woman was a stranger whom he asked to take his picture (his camera). Problem is, weird bird man was snapping at her and treating her like, you know, a husband does when he doesn't particularly like his wife. 
Crazy bird man

Tonight at the park I got to see for the first time how attracted to the squirrels the G-man is. I'm not sure if he's pretending to be brave and hunt them, date them, or just be friends. They are huge here compared to our squirrels at home. 

 Here's one of the little nut crunchers that Griffin wanted so badly and chased up a tree:

Griffin's addiction
We had good intentions of catching a movie tonight, but exhaustion wins again. I'm just not feeling the best. My guess would be the 2 waffles. 

Remind me to never do that again.

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  1. So nice you got to see Maleta and Maureen. Just a little bit of home. I think Brenton is missing her but don't tell him I said that. Luv ya and you to Brad and G-Man.