Friday, 1 June 2012

Last Weekend In NS

Down to 2 nights in NS.

I discovered 2 things today:

1. WestJet's automated system is about as fun as plucking my eyebrows. What part of "June 3rd" don't you understand?

2. Neither I nor my boyfriend, Brad,  are very handy. After 3 trips to Kent I now have Griffin's (my furry boy) kennel ready for flight. Stupid 6-32, 8-32 blah blah blah screws.

Last night we went to my parents place to spend one last night with them and borrow 2 more suitcases. Max luggage allowed is 4. I challenge every one of you to pack up your life in 4 suitcases. Wait...I mean...I challenge those of the female variety.

I have received some very sweet cards and visits. Mom threw a surprise Go-Get-Your-New-Lungs-Party a couple of weeks ago. I knew there was going to be a surprise party. Oh ya. I knew. I was very stealth-like; I had everything all planned out. Problem is, I thought it was a surprise birthday party for my sister Jamie. I was in charge of keeping her away from her house until the party. Man I thought I was so clever. I thought I had her sooo duped.


I think I went into shock.
Did I mention I love surprises??
Best surprise ev-ah!!

Family and great friends came to say goodbye and good luck. I loved it. Everyone has been so great. Shout out to the hawt chef flipping burgers ;)

Great Strides, a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, was held last Sunday. A woman from the South Shore, who's grandson has CF, made me a card and had people at Great Strides sign it. She also made me a beautiful bracelet (which she makes and sells for CF). I missed the event as I wasn't even sure I'd still be in NS at the time (plus who actually believes that I could strut a 5k?), so I didn't get to thank any of them. If they ever read this - Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone who's sent me gifts and/or well wishes. I'm lucky to have you all in my corner. I'm not alone in this fight; there is an army. CF (and my crusty lungs) should be very scared. I see a white flag in the future.

I'm spending my last weekend in Nova Scotia with Brad's boys: Lukas, Jacob and Andrew. It'll be extremely hard to say goodbye to them. For someone who's been told having my own children is about as good of an idea as playing chicken with a mac truck - they are 3 of the best things to ever happen to me. However, skype is my new best friend. They will see my face every day!

Tonight I'll leave you with these:

Andrew, Jacob & Lukas:                                                    


The Furry Boy:


  1. Luke, Jake, Andrew3 June 2012 at 05:56

    We will miss you a lot to Jess!

  2. they are 3 of the best factors to ever occur to me. However, skype is my new best buddy. They will see my experience every day!

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