Sunday, 3 June 2012

Toronto - Day 1

Spent last night with the boys. It was super hard to say good-bye. They gave me these as going away gifts:

Airport was sad too. Lindsay made the sad face, then I looked over and Shannon was making the sad face and then of course I started with the sad face. At that point Brad said it was time to catch our flight. Weird that he didn't want to be around a bunch of crying chicks.

Flight went great. It was hard to see the G-man (a.k.a. furry boy) go through check in and then off all by himself. I've never in my life had someone/thing so excited to see me as he was when we picked him up at Pearson; it was as if we were walking sticks of bacon.

 There was another dog on the flight, so I'm sure they exchanged contact info (I'm convinced he emails/calls other dogs when I'm not around).

We haven't been here for 24 hours yet, but have already made connections with several people. I'm not sure who talks more, Brad or I, but we've never had a problem with stranger small talk. One woman at the dog park even offered us her number, as we explained we just landed in Toronto and have no idea where anything is or what's going on. I think her husband was a little shocked that she would just hand her number over to strangers, but come on, our dogs smelled each others' butts. Plus, Brad has no problem telling people that I'm here for a double-lung transplant, and as she's been watching the news and is familiar with Helene Campbell's transplant story, probably felt that we were harmless. Little does she know...

Tomorrow we will attempt to find a grocery store that's cheaper than the one today (2L milk - $5, butter - $8!) Plus, this place is furnished, which means it not only has a bed, a couch and a tv, but also dishes and pots and pans. BUT, there is no toaster. What???

Tomorrow begins the hunt for a toaster.


  1. Hi Jess, I work with your friend Shannon and I must say I love your attitude. I think you should write a book. I wish you all the best and hope everything progresses quickly and with 100% success. Marlene Elliott

  2. Thanks Marlene. My condolences on working with Shannon ;)

  3. Thanks alot Jess. Love u too :)