Friday, 23 October 2015


Blocking things from my mind so I don't look like a lunatic on the floor bawling. 

Will be extremely relieved to see Pamela and Gramps. Relieved we can face this together. 

I feel like such a grown up. My first flight all by myself. Like a big kid. 

I'm a big kid now. 

People are pretty nice to the girl on crutches. Maybe it's a good thing I have them today. If I feel lost someone is sure to help the crutch girl.

Plus I could cry and stuff. 

First time I've haven't checked luggage. Everything is jammed in my book bag. I couldn't pull luggage along if I tried. I would fall on my face and flail around on the floor like a turtle on it's back. 

At least that would get my mind of things. 

Pamela. Gramps. I'm on my way. 

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