Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Crosby aka Christopher

This is how Crosby will be remembered:

So handsome and loyal. 

He's the one that got the kind remarks from strangers, the giggles and hugs of children.

He's the one who was king of the house. 

He made us feel safe. 

I'd often say, "we have 3 dogs" and hear gasps and "you're brave!"Or "you're busy!"

Yes, it was a crazy and busy household. Full of barking, playing, snoring and loud slurps from the water dish. Leashes and dog bags all over the place - often finding the bags in every piece of clothing we own.

Imagine a trip to the park. All we had to do was say, "drive" and they galloped out the door and hurled themselves into the van. In a tangle of leashes and dog bags, we'd follow. 

At the park it would go down like this:

Griffin, ever the old man, sniffing every single leaf, leaving his trace on every square inch. 

Jagger doing 100 miles up ahead and 200 miles back. Even his face appears to smile and if he could talk he would likely say, "Mom! Dad! Did you see me go? I made new friends! Everyone (and their dog) loves me!"

And Crosby...

Sticking beside Brad; walking along at his own pace, never in a rush. Helping him to the water so he could down a few litres. Keeping a close eye on him when big, intimidating dogs came around, as he is so protective of Jagger (not that he ever attacked another dog but you never know).

Crosby had the sweetest eyes. All he ever wanted was to cuddle up and be stroked. 

Last night was hard. 

Today was worse. 

We were right by his side when he took his last breath. Right there so he wouldn't be alone. 

The tears come and go. Thoughts creep in and they flow easily. Then we think of how much better off he is - no longer in pain. Remember the good things. The good times. 

The boys were so lucky to have Crosby. What an amazing dog to grow up with. 


  1. Will miss this lovely gentle giant very much. Big hugs to you, Brad, the boys, Griffin & Jagger!

  2. So sorry for your loss Jessica - what precious memories you have of him.

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