Wednesday, 9 July 2014

2014 Canadian Tranplant Games

can't believe I didn't pre-blog about this! 

I am at the games. Competing and stuff. With some of my lung buddies.

This is ammmaaaaazing!

I drove to Moncton on Monday, after saying goodbye to all boys - human and canine. 

I'm a big girl, so I almost killed myself by dragging my 13 ton suitcase down our stairs and to the car. All by myself. Cause I'm a big girl. 

Side note - I'm a horrible packer. It makes me anxious. I procrastinate. I sink to the floor and stare at the open, empty suitcase and contemplate life. 

After chucking my entire life into a few bags, I felt a bit prepared for the week. To be honest, I felt like a teenager going to camp. OMG!!!! A whole week. A whole week of friends, new friends, residence, food, games and lots of other crap. Hopefully, a medal. 

However, if I'm being honest, I don't expect to bring home a medal. This stuff is hard. There are some hard cores here. 

But, again with the whole honesty thing, I WANT to bring home a medal. So badly. So freaking badly. 

Let's face it - I'll never compete in a regular Olympics type of crazy. This is my shot. 

Monday was registration and a welcome dinner. It was hotter than hell in there. 

Correction. It's hotter than hell in my residence. I seriously feel like this would be what hell would feel like. It's muggy hands all over you and it's humid breath in your face. Then, it would laugh at you. And you cry as there's no escaping it. 

Wait. Let me back up. Let me explain. Night time here is hotter than my hair after three weeks in the ICU. 

I feel like I'm burning to death. To death. 

There is a fan. Marie-Eve, one of my awesome lung buddies from Transplantland, is my roomie. But we have separate rooms in a residence apartment. 

There is one fan. I took it last night. She has it tonight. 

Last night was horrible. But at least I had a fan. I woke up likely every 15 minutes. The windows are open in an attempt to stay alive, and you hear everything. This city is sooo loud. It's unnecessary really. 

Today Carman (my Gramps) was in a cycle timed trial and Marie-Eve and Keith played table tennis. Marie-Eve won silver and Gramps won Silver!!!! 

Trevor, one of the Nova Scotia organ grinders took home Gold in cycling!!! Intensity!! 

So no pressure. 3k road race. 

No pressure or anything. I just have to drag my ass across the finish line ahead of everyone else and at the worst, only behind two people. 

Crazy. Ness. 

Bedtime. So I can wake with everyone else and eat freak fast with some pretty unbelievable individuals. 

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