Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lawn Summer Nights

Who doesn't want to chuck a ball in attempts to take out someone else's ball and stuff??

Lawn Summer Nights was started in Vancouver. 

All because of Eva Markvoort. An amazing woman who made it through one double-lung surgery, only to battle chronic rejection. She went on the list for another set of chunkers, but they didn't come...

She was unbelievable; very inspirational. My dad and I would read her blog together. There were plenty of posts that had water cascading down my face, and some that even left my strong papa fighting emotion. 

She gave me a lot of hope. She inspired me. I wanted to colour my hair bright flaming red like hers. She did it post-transplant to celebrate and it just happened to be her favorite colour. It also happens to be mine.

She was so honest and raw in her posts. You could feel the emotion. You laughed. You cried. And, if you were me, you bawled your face off. 

I looked up to her. She made me feel like I could someday be as cool as her. Yes, I pretend that I'm the coolest person alive, but the truth is - she was. 

Eva died on March 27, 2010 - she was only 25. She posted a video blog announcing that she was dying and had only days to live. That was one of the hardest moments of my life. 

No, I didn't "know" her. I'd never met her. 

But, it didn't matter. That video had over 150000 hits in 24 hours. My bet is that every single person who viewed that video felt a kick to the stomach. 

The world was a better place with her in it. 

Her goal was to leave a legacy and she sure did. Lawn Summer Nigts is just one of the many things that her existence has made possible. 

Lawn Summer Nights was started in 2009. Eva participated in the first one. Soon after, she developed rejection. 

(Remember - rejection is that big scary word that I hate.)

Lawn Summer Nights is in Halifax for the first time this year. 

What is it?

Lawn Bowling! Or, some may know it as bocce ball. 

They have one more team slot open. $400/team of 4.  

Go here to check it out:

I'll be there opening night - July 3rd. Register. If you're interested and can't make it, then hopefully it's back next year. If you're there - come see me. I'd love to chat. 

If I learned anything from Eva, it was to love life and everyone around you. I learned a lot more, but that came through loud and clear. 

So, grab a ball and go love everyone. 


  1. I found you through Eva! I, too, followed her journey and was in tears when I saw the video post she made in her final days. When I saw your update, post-transplant, I remember telling my then-boyfriend about it and crying tears of joy for you. :-) So happy! Hugs, hugs, hugs!

  2. Very cool! I spoke about Eva last night at a CF fundraiser. Glad you found me :)