Thursday, 17 April 2014

Workout hangover

I'm alive!

I didn't collapse and perish in a pool of sweat.

I may have realized at one point that I was the only one still on the ground at the end of the workout, but...hahaha! I did not die.

So that's cool.

I really and truly feel amazing. I feel like I can do anything and everything. I'm pumped to take on challenges and want to prove that I can do even more than is expected of me.

***ummm, perhaps I shouldn't have written that***

We have awesome trainers. They have this ability to reach that part inside me that really wants to listen. That's huge. They are the perfect motivators for me.

Slowly dying next to the other recipients, oh oops, I mean working out next to the other recipients, is also incredibly motivating.

I am definitely someone who needs workout buddies.

I am also someone who needs a little bit o' competition.

Trevor is 6.5 years post. He is already in great shape. He will be a beast after our 12 weeks of training. Therefore, I need to become an even bigger beast.

Here is what I imagine we will look like in 12 weeks:


I'm clearly WAY scarier.

We did push ups and sit ups - like seriously, who in the world can do a freaking sit up? They are crazy. I thought I was way stronger that I am. I mean, I lifted 2 huge pounds every day at physio in Toronto.

Come on!

I managed to pull off 2 sit ups in 1 minute. Yes, I will autograph whatever you want. I am unstoppable. Tell your friends.

We did a few tests at the beginning and will repeat them in 12 weeks. I'm praying that I'll be up to 3 sit ups by then...

Or 30.

We did lots of other ridiculously hard stuff. I loved every second of it. I promised my donor that I would take care of our chunkers. And now I am. Like for real. I hope he/she is proud. I also hope he/she keeps me going.

I'm sure he/she will push me when I feel like giving up.

Cause I can't.

I'm doing this for both of us.

Cause he/she can't.

We are meeting once a week as a group and need to also workout every single day (even when I'd much rather sit on the couch eating Doritios) by ourselves.

I'm proud to say I did it today. I also drank water. Cause I'm cool like that.

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