Monday, 17 March 2014

Raising $$$$ to kick CF in the junk!

It's that time of yeaaaaaaar!!!

I've got plans baby. Plans to raise enough $$$ to kill CF. Throw it in a grave and bury it forever. Doubt there will be a funeral; funerals are for those you love. 

Ain't nobody love CF. 

So, maybe my plans are crazy. Maybe I alone can't raise that kind of green. BUT, I have friends (yup I do). And those friends have friends. All around the country people are raising money. 

For what, you ask?

Great Strides. It happens every May. I did it last year. Even ran for about 30 seconds. What!!!!????

I was super pumped and proud that I could participate last year. It was a test for my new chunkers. They passed. I even named the team Live Laugh Lungs. Cause that's the name of my blog. Yup, I'm creative like crazy. 

We had such a great team. It was huge! I was so touched that so many of my friends and family joined. We raised awesome funds and had a blast. I was honoured to be asked to speak at the start and cut the ribbon. I'm really good with scissors. 

Great Strides is a national fundraiser in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. It is a 5 km walk (you can run if you're ambitious). The money goes toward research and treatment to kick CF in the junk.

Right to the face

We have raised $145 so far. That's not enough to get a scientist to open his/her eyeballs. So.....


Click here!!!!! Great Strides website 

Click on "Sponsor a Participant"
Click on Team Search
Type Live Laugh Lungs
The screen will refresh and you can click on my team at the bottom of the screen

Once you're done sponsoring $100,000 - get a friend on board. Just make them feel really guilty if they don't. Threaten them with your singing voice or cooking. 

BUT, if you don't care about a tax receipt, and want something to be excited about, there is an alternate way to help me kick CF in the junk.

Thankfully, I have a creative fundraising genius in my family: my mama. She's come up with a few ways to raise some beautiful money for our team.

Ever hear of a lottery tree?

Tickets are 1 for $1 or 6 for $5.

Prize?  $200 worth of scratch tickets. 

I will even help you scratch!!! Even over coffee; I'll buy!!! Imagine the fabulous fun that would be!!! I love exclamation marks!!!

If you live far away I advise sponsoring via website (great advice, eh?). If you're local, you can contact me through the blog, or if you know me, you can call, email, text or send a singing telegram. Or contact my mother. If you need a phone number send me an email at

I really hate asking for money. Really, who likes to? BUT, CF sucks. It literally almost sucked the life out of me. In return, I'd like to suck the life out of it. And I'll walk my butt off to do it. 

Thanks in advance for considering sponsoring. It means the world to me...and life to many Canadians.

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