Monday, 17 February 2014


What is it that is so, so important in regards to so many things in life?

Oh ya!

Location, location, location!!!!!


  1. Jessica you are a marvelous,strong and funny girl. I am so sorry that you are again having problems and will once again put you on our prayer list at Bible study. You should seriously consider writing a book...your accounts of your days is very captivating and you are an inspiration to anyone going through any kind of difficulty.

    1. Thanks Alice! Such nice comments; you are so sweet :)

  2. Take it a bit easy for a change and let those meds do their thing. Those valentine flowers from Brad are just like you, bright, center stage, cheerful, full of life and always ready to shine. By sharing your journey you help the rest of us pull up our socks and want to kick some butt too. Love you, Linda D

  3. I love my flowers. He's amazing and just what I need. We should create a team for kicking butt. Everyone would be scared.