Monday, 17 February 2014

Another donation

I have focused on organ donation. I will spend the rest of my life advocating for organ donation. 

However, I want to make sure we don't forget about tissue and blood donation either. 

I definitely won't...

Thank you to all of you who go time after time, sit in a big fat chair, and have vampire needles suck the blood out of you. 

One of you is making me healthier tonight. 


That's powerful. 


  1. I used to donate blood all the time. But then some weird rule came into effect where I was no longer eligible to because I lived in Germany during the 90s! And got tattoos. But still! Weird that I can no longer donate. As a recipient of a blood transfusion, I am still very grateful!

    Sending prayers and positive vibes your way! Hope you get to feeling better SOON!

    1. Thanks! Awesome that you used to donate. I'm not allowed cause my health is so nutz, which sucks. So weird getting stranger blood, eh? I'm so grateful though. I feel better already!