Friday, 17 January 2014


I can see clearly now...answers - they're a funny thing, eh?

I felt better for a few days. Then back to no energy and night fevers. 

Tuesday I gave up and called the doc. I went in on Wednesday. Before seeing the doc I went for a bone density scan. 

That was lovely. 

After hauling ourselves out of bed, and forgoing coffee, we land at the hospital. I don one of the beautiful hospital gowns that I highly recommend for any prom or otherwise fantastical dressy event, wait awhile, and then hear my name being called. 

I saunter in, drop my bones on the table-bed thing, the tech adjusts said bones, and wait for the scanner to do its scanning. 

Then I hear, "Do you have a belly button ring?" 

Haha, ew. No. 

Turns out my favorite friend - the feeding tube - was getting in the way of the scan. My last scan at this particular hospital was forever ago and a couple of years pre-tube. The tech explained that the feeding tube was covering my spine and looked like bone in the screen (she showed me too. I pretended that I was brilliant and could see exactly what she was talking about. Although, it was pretty straight forward.) 

She told me that while I have the tube, the scan will be pretty much useless, and to come back when the thing is out. 

I wasn't even really disappointed! To me it's more ammunition to have the stupid thing pulled out. 

Wait, I really shouldn't say that. The tube maintained my weight, gave me some energy and contributed to me staying alive and healthy enough to receive my new chunkers.  

I apologize. 



The thing did leak a lot. All over me and my bed. Gross. 

Anyway. Brad and I were able to grab breakfast in between appointments, but due to the freaking canker sore, I only managed to eat oatmeal. 

FYI: oatmeal is fantastic. I didn't really pay attention to oatmeal since childhood. I need to eat it more. The downside - brown sugar is delicious covering oatmeal. Just smothered. 

Anyway. Doc examined my sexy infected throat while I breathed my sweet breath into her face (poor poor woman) and gave me two more weeks of pennicillin. Is it possible that the pennicillin is causing my stomach pain? Yup...another symptom. Pennicillin takers - thoughts?

Awesome news is that my lung function is amazing again. Pretty sure it was only down last time cause I was too exhausted to breathe hard that day. 

She reduced the prednisone, which is the best news. Less chance of the beautiful moon face. 

Before we left they gave me a req to do a full blood work up. I did it. Then we went to work. 

A couple of hours later my favorite CF nurse coordinator calls (she is super awesome). Turns out my white blood cell count is low. Critically low. 1.2.  

This means that I am even more suceptible to catching everything going, including your headache. I'm already immunosuppressed. This just complicates things even more. 

With the time of year, the crazy bugs going around and this killer flu, being out in public and at work is not the best idea. So I'm working from home and avoiding contact with other humans for a bit. 

I'm so lucky that I can work from home instead of just being off, useless and feeling guilty like I know I would. 

Tonight while I sleep I'm sure the white cell builders will come along and save the day. If not, tomorrow. For now, they have stopped one of my anti-rejection Meds until we see improvement. 

(Tell me that's not kick in the face scary.) 

Good thing my muscles are huge. 

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  1. about those muscles...even if you can only lift a full can of soup - do it!
    even if you're sitting on the couch feeling wiped, pick up that can!
    4 times a day, pick it up and do:
    - 3 bicep curls then stand up and do
    - 3 lifts with arm extended to the front from waist to shoulder height, 5 of the same to the side,
    - 3 lifts from wait to up over your head
    - 3 lifts with your arm up over your head, elbow bent so the can is behind you
    Now rest, take a nap and repeat in 2 hours
    You CAN do it!