Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stormed in and stuff

I totally shovelled today. I shovelled both soft, light and fluffy snow and hard, heavy, nasty snow. 

I feel a bit like super woman, I gotta say. 

I love storms. Being all warm and cozy inside by the Christmas tree, dogs snuggling me...

...and then being forced out of my warm and cozy sanctuary into the freezing, unforgiving world, by those very dogs.  

But they look so cute bouncing around out there.  So carefree. So happy. 

Like we all want to be. Like we should all be. 

I'm watching The Santa Claus. Tim Allen. 

Can you imagine being at the North Pole? 

Have I mentioned how much I love Santa?

Not only did he make the wireless internet work last Christmas morning (so I could watch the boys and my nieces open their gifts), he also gave me one fantabulous early Christmas gift. 

I'm super pumped to be home this year. Doing all the things everyone else is. Shopping, decorating and wrapping gifts. Stuffing my face. Loving life. That kinda thing. 

10 days till Christmas!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I am glad everything is going so well for you. Things are equally well for me too it's been 5 months since I had my surgery and I was shoveling snow as well, I joined a gym and, am looking forward to going back to school in February.

    P.S. Say Hi to Carmen for me the next you talk to him.

    David Rogerson