Friday, 13 December 2013

ONE YEAR!!!!!!

I'm so honoured to have these beautiful, effective, hard working, productive and amazing freaking chunkers. 

They have allowed me to do things I couldn't have imagined. 

I can walk upstairs, I can play with all the kids in my life, I can haul laundry all over the place, I can make a bed, I can walk the dogs like nobody's business. 

I can laugh - really laugh. I can dance - you know, movin it like Jagger an what not. 

I can take a deep breath. I can even hold my breath!

I can sing. Oh, what a glorious voice that reigns inside of this creature. 

I can be normal once again. It's been years since I felt "normal".  

What a feeling. This feeling of normalcy. It's a beautiful thing. 

It's too easy to take life for granted. Even today, on my one year lungiversary - nothing should stress me out, I should simply be in the moment and be grateful for life. (But yet, there I was stressing about work and all the stuf I didn't get done today. Gross. Ridiculous.) 

I'm alive and breathing...which I'm actually really freaking good at now. 

Be grateful. Suck up the moment. Live. Appreciate life. 

I promise I do. I know which path this story could have taken. I'm fully aware of why could have happened had I not gotten the call one year ago. 

But I did! And I'm still going! Still rocking and still annoying everyone. I'm sure Gramps would attest to this. (Love you, gramps!)

I'm in love with my donor and his/her family. 

I have full intentions of recycling anything of mine that can be. 

I mean...I'm very good at recycling at home. So, why not recycle to give life?

Recycle to give life. Think about it. 

Thank you everyone who has supported me and stuck by my side. I can't pay it back. It's too big of a gift. But I will tell you this - I will never forget you and what you've done for me. 

My support people were amazing and awesome. They put up with me, listened to my singing and helped me look after the G-man. Who wouldn't love these people?

Mom and dad. I love you. I wouldn't be here today without your amazing efforts and support. 

Brad. I love you. I'm amazed by you. I wish I could clone you as I'd be richer than rich.

Boys - I can't freaking wait to see your faces. I miss you so much. Love you. 

I'd write more, but my face is falling asleep. Which means my body will shortly follow. 

See you in dream land. Transplant land doesn't want me back right now.  

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