Monday, 10 June 2013

Back in the Big Smoke

Montreal smoked meat met my stomach. Safe to say my stomach won. Victorious again!! It was delish. Brad woofed his down too. Then we wobbled to our gate to wait. (Yup, now I'm a poet.)

No movies on the flight from Montreal to Toronto. We were devastated. Nothin better than watching a flick as your soaring high. 

But honestly, that was the fastest flight I've ever been on. Pilot must've hit the turbo. 

Flying into Billy Bishop airport, gawking at the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and the rest of the concrete jungle, I had the hugest (and likely weirdest) grin on my face. 

I felt like I had come home

Had a bit of turbulence on the plane. 

When the planes a knockin'....

Thankfully, we didn't end up in Lake Ontario or smash into the tower and cling on to shards of metal. So, flight was swaeeet. 

After finishing yet another Bejeweled tournament, and me kicking Brad's butt once again, we deplaned. 

We got our luggage and it was smooth sailing. Well, actually I'm lying. Brad was whipping along and then there was me. 

Seems I packed a lot. Felt like I was pulling a couple of dead bodies around. 

Disclaimer: There were no dead bodies transported from Halifax to Toronto. Nor have I ever transported any carcass of any kind

However, my muscles are about the same size as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's at this point.  Massive. I'm pretty much indestructible. 

Let's be honest. I'm a chick. I over pack. I wouldn't know any other way. Multiple outfits. Multiple shoes. Gots to look stellar at the hospital. 

We thought we had it in the bag. There we were beatin' it to the ferry that you need to cross to get to the mainland, the monster is in our sights, when the damn thing takes off. 


20 minutes later we board. 2 seconds later we're on the mainland. 

We make it to our hotel. Find the elevators (thank you Jessica for always being right) dump our stuff and hea to the Hamiltons for games night in Transplantland.  

I couldn't stand how excited I was. My heart was slamming around and my breathing was racing. It still felt surreal that in mere minutes I would see the beautiful crazy faces of my fellow chest-cracked-open-and-new-chunkers-shoved-inside-buddies and the support people. 

I wish I could articulate how much these people, and this world, means to me. 

I feel like I belong here. Like I'm understood. I don't even need to explain things...they just know. 

We've all been through the same experience and we have such a tight bond. It's the best example of family without blood. 

I may have crushed a few people with hugs (cause of my powerful strength) and definitely didn't stop yakking. Or laughing. 

The night was awesome. People were awesome. I was awesome...oh, did I just type that. Yup, I guess I did. 

I may not have won at games night, but we all know it was the jet lag. You know, from the 24 hour flight. 

Here we are, looking sexy. Sexy. Damn sexy. 


  1. Damn straight, damn sexy...

    xoxox, Steve

  2. BIG smiles for you, Jess!! So happy when I think of you. You deserve every bit of happiness and more. But, next time, kick some butt at games night ;)