Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Comeback

It's a good news day.

I didn't exactly start that way though. I had my two furry boys outside this morning and since they are uber friendly, they ran up to a woman for some lovin'. Problem. People have fears. It just so happened that this woman has a fear of furry little creatures.

The noise that came out of her mouth scared me. 

I will have to talk to my boys about being so scary.

Once I came back inside I suddenly realized that my pft appointment was at 8am, not 9am. So I booked it out of the house and was only 5 minutes late. I was impressed. I didn't even speed or break any laws. It must just be my incredible driving skills.

Last week's pfts went up 1%. While not incredible, it certainly was better than a loss.

But today!!!!

They creeped up another 6%!!

93% babeeeee. I'm coming back!

Thank you antibiotics for having my back and showing the crustiness who's boss.

I am back on the aerosols though. Sucking back some tobramycin just to keep the bacteria at bay. I thought my days of aerosols were behind me, but I can handle one month of this. Sitting here, inhaling the meds, takes me back to my pre-transplant days. I have to shake my head to clear it.

I'm not that person anymore. I don't have to rely on aerosols to breathe. I have energy. I can walk up stairs without keeling over, trying desperately to breathe.

We took the furry boys to the park a couple of days ago and I RAN.

I ran and they chased me. It was awesome. Next I will do a marathon...



  1. I'm glad to see a post from you today. I was getting a little worried that something had gone wrong. Happy you are eeling better!

    1. OOPS! Happy you are FEELING better!

    2. :) Nothing can keep me down ;)

  2. I'll bet you WILL do a marathon someday!!!

    It's so cool when antibiotics work now... They don't have to wade through feet of muck to strangle the little bastards -- they're floatin' on the surface, there for the stranglin', and there's a lot less wading...

    After my new kidney -- they extubated me and worried that I aspirated a bit, so bronched me and reintubated me, which they really don't like to do -- and sent me home on inhaled TOBI... I'd never had that -- I had colistin before transplant, but my CF doc hadn't been a fan of inhaled antibiotics most of my life, so I didn't really do it... I had a month of TOBI last May. I'd kinda forgotten what a pain in the fanny it is -- I mean, it's not like the end of the world or anything -- it's just a boring inconvenience -- but it still made me think about all my fellow CFers who deal with this every day...

    My beautiful kidney is a year old tomorrow... I'm having flowers sent to Alex, my living donor... You would have laughed at the initial conversation with the florist...

    Me: I'm shipping you two "vases" that I would like you to use to deliver an arrangement to my friend -- one is a large measuring vial, the other is a hospital urinal...
    Florist: UMmmmm, I beg your pardon???
    Me: Oh, you heard me right...

    She was initially hesitant -- then when I explained the whole story, she was all over it and loved the idea! I also sent her a letter to Alex that I wanted included with the arrangement -- she said she would call when she got everything... The next day she called and told me that the entire shop is in tears after reading the letter. So, I guess I did it right... Alex will get the flowers tomorrow at work sometime...

    You take care -- I'm proud of you -- keep them killer dogs on a short leash...

    Love, Steve