Friday, 26 April 2013


I walked up the stairs today and was taken back to pre-transplant. This cold is really doing a number on me. I'm short of breath with activity and just plain tired.

It's scary to go back there. To pre-transplant. I don't want that feeling. Ever.

I like my new chunkers. In fact, I love them. They are shiny and beautiful and squeaky clean.

New chunkers: Listen up!

I am not interested in being sick. I'm not interested in being short of breath. I'm really not interested in you having a dinner party with germs and bacteria. So if you could mess off, that'd be great.

Antibiotics: Please do your job. Make me better.

I have things to do.

I have a 5k organ donation walk this Sunday and I don't have time for crustiness.


  1. Here's hoping you are in fine fit fighting form for Sunday...
    and here's to doing the responsible thing should Sunday arrive and you be in a compromised state of health in any regard - and a little reminder of a certain note, carried at all times
    missin yer lovely mug

  2. Get better get better get better! Cut back on that ol' coffee...! At least until the cold is gone. Hm...what else...I guess you already know that laying around with little dogs makes things better : )

  3. Get better SOON! Sending thoughts, prayers, good vibes, all that jazz... take care of yourself!