Monday, 22 April 2013

National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week

This week is crucial.


One week devoted to raising awareness and advocating for organ and tissue donation.


Let's face it guys, I, and many of my beautiful friends, would be 6 feet under if it weren't for organ donation. That is simply the reality.

The week was kicked off yesterday at Life: Pass It On 's 3rd annual NOTDAW hockey game. Recipents and donor family members took on the Halifax Regional Police:

My friend, and fellow lung recipient, Trevor Umlah, was goalie.

I had a great time, but likely would have scored a lot of goals if given the opportunity to play. Since I'm so awesome at hockey. I play as well as anyone else who has no idea of what they're doing. As far as skating, my skills are pretty impressive. I usually slam into the sides of the rink to stop.

Linds and I went to Stars On Ice Friday night and I had to turn down a guest appearance as I didn't want to embarrass any of the Stars. 

We were also able to pick up our kits for another Life: Pass It On event - the Organ Donation Run/Walk coming up on April 28th. 

I'm pumped to do this. I wish I was in a position to run it, however that just can't happen. Trust me, my chunkers are sucking and shooting the oxygen around beautifully; the problem is my legs. Stupid shin splits and sore knees. Can someone have someone do something about that?

Regardless, I'm ready to strap on my red kicks and strut my stuff next Sunday. 

If you're not up to doing the 5k, I have a great idea for you! A perfect way to show your support for organ donation and to get the conversation flowing. Green is the colour of organ donation. Take that boring old white light off your porch and shove in a green one. Think about it. You'll have all the neighbours wondering what's up. You can spread awareness by doing something so freaking easy. It only takes a commercial break to put in a light bulb.

How many people does it take? That's another story.

This is definitely a busy week for me. Love it - so much better than sitting around staring at myself. I have a bunch of organ donation promoting/advocating to do. There is nothing better than being given the opportunity to encourage giving the gift of life. I just throw on my green jeans and give er.

Tomorrow morning I will be dragging myself out of bed really early...

(however I pretty much do that now with this guy)    ----------------------->   

...and will be heading to CTV Morning Live. OMG. And here I was worried I'd mess up on the radio.

On Thursday I'm going to speak to some first year med students about CF and transplant. What do you think? Should I mess with them?

Feel free to slap on some green socks, pants, shirts, coats, earrings, glasses, hats and stuff to celebrate the week. Then email me a picture of your cool self.

OR colour your hair GREEN!


  1. dammit I need to find green clothes lol. I like the light bulb idea but we live in a Condo and we can't change the porch bulb :(

  2. love your humour, Jessica. Thanks for the laugh. I am going for my yearly titty squish today so will wear some green for sure! Will be going on transplant list as soon as Trillium approves the application. Will have had these original windbags 53 years May 9th! Thanx for being such a role model and inspiration. Keep up with the cause and you are in my prayers for continued great health.

    1. Hope it went well! Fingers crossed you get listed! It's an incredible experience. Buckle up!