Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Looong night

I'm not sure what is going on with me. It seems the transplant has messed with my body and as a result kept me up all night talking to the toilet.

The result from that is me laying on the couch all day watching HGTV.

All I wanted to do was sleep this morning. I didn't have the energy to go for bloodwork. I just wanted to continue to hang out with my bed. Unfortunately my alarm went off at 9 for my Meds. Since they are my anti-rejection meds, I had little choice but to drag my weary body from bed, grab Jagger (our new furry addition) and head downstairs.

Since we have two dogs, and the two dogs happen to have bladders, I then had to force myself out the door.

Watching Jagger explore, and the two of them play, makes me smile. Almost makes me forget the ravaging occurring inside my body.


However, lets switch to a happy topic. Yesterday was awesome. I had the honour of co-hosting at Hank FM radio station.

It was a blast!!!

The host, Jonathan, is an awesome guy and made me feel really comfortable. Also, the good news is that I only messed up once.

I'm pretty much a pro now. I'm being flooded with offers. Will likely take Ryan Seacreast's job.


  1. Hey You!!!

    I'm proud of you!!! And, I'm glad your experience with Jonathan was good - a good host, or a good interviewer will make you feel comfortable, and make things feel natural - it's their best way of getting you to share your story in a meaningful way! It's awesome that you're doing this - it's fun to talk about the gifts we've been given, and show others that we're in awe of the place we are right now... But the really amazing thing is that it helps so many others. It gives people struggling or waiting hope... It gives people who haven't make the organ donation decision yet, a live, techicolor reason (even though it's radio) to make that decision... It's a good thing you're doing. Good luck with Ryan's job - I hope you have time for us little people!!!

    And this transplant stuff can do a lot of screwing with our bodies over the first year... We're still growing accustomed to the medications - and they change, add and remove them throughout the first year - and every switch can goof something up! And, we can even start having odd side effects several weeks after we've started something... Usually - they go away... Just pay attention, log it, and report it to clinic - soon, if it's bothersome or concerning - or at your next appointment if it's tolerable...

    The thing is - early on, every other day presents some new problem, but then the problems start reducing and the good days increase. Eventually, the good or great days FAR outnumber the crap days... I hope you get there quickly...

    Love, Steve

    1. I definitely love sharing my story. There's so many waiting for their gift that us spreading awareness is the perfect way to give back and help them out.
      As far as my post-transplant issues, I wish they would stop. But it's all good. I can breathe!

  2. Was the mistake when you said "freezing clouds"? Hahaha! I loved that. I want to see that. Make it happen!! : D

    1. I don't remember saying that! Am I on drugs? Wait....yes, yes I am.