Monday, 4 March 2013

A bit of Awe?

Today I woke up bright and early, headed to TGH for blood work, radiation, physio and fun times panting in a box. I took a number to register for blood work, sat, stared at the rest of the bodies slumped in chairs who clearly were not morning people, my number was called and...there was no record of blood work in the system for me.

Good times.

I gave up and flew upstairs to soak in some radiation. Luckily there was a record for that (so happy I didn't wake up at that crazified hour for nothing) and I tore in and out of there in no time.

Then we had breakfast with the Hamiltons, during which I was entertained watching Carman swallow one pill at a time.

My hero.

Speaking of pills, I counted mine the other day. On a daily basis I suck back 68 of the bad boys.

After ingesting these I'm pretty much full, but I put on my superhero outfit and demolish the rest of my meal.

I'm cool like that.

Physio. I only have 2 days left. It's really strange, and hard to believe, but my 3 month mark is next week.


I remember my first day of physio - tubes, granny shuffle, laboured breathing, crusty lungs and all. I remember the 2 lb barbells and 3 lb ankle weights. The exhaustion after a couple of minutes on the tread. How I hated the bike. Bike was evil; it messed with me.

I think you would all agree.

Here's how things went down today:
Oxygen-free Carman in awe of my muscles

He showed Bonnie
 And then:

Pamela wanted to see

We all just took a moment to let it soak in

I'm sure you can all see how impressive my muscles are from the pictures. I'll soon need new clothes.

Last appointment of the day was pfts; aka panting in a box.

Two weeks ago my lung function had sunk like the economy in '08.


I'm in love with my new chunkers.


  1. Wow Jessica, those new blowers are doing fine. Both you and Carmen are looking so good it is amazing. It won't be long until those bags are packed and you are on your way home.
    Love You
    Linda D

  2. Hey Jess,

    I am a fellow CFer in Alberta and am currently waiting for a lung transplant in Edmonton. A friend shared your blog with me and I have been following it. I look forward to new updates and news of your recovery. It is very inspirational to read about how well you've done. I can't wait until I can say my lung function is back up in the 80's and 90's. I've been waiting for 8 months now and my time HAS to be coming soon! Best of luck to you!

    Melissa Meulenbelt

    1. Hey Melissa! I'm guessing your friend is Megan? She's awesome!

      I've got my fingers crossed for you; I'll send some positivity your way in hopes you get some new blowers soon! Keep in touch!

  3. Hi Jess,

    We are so happy for you and Carman. You must be so excited to be planning your trip home. When we were told we could go home, I remember how quickly I packed our bags. Loved Toronto but there's no place like home.

    All the best,
    Brenda and Donnie

    1. I am crazy excited! I can't believe this chapter is almost over!

  4. You are so amazing - 95%!!! Mine was up to 74% - highest yet.
    I am going to miss you -
    Love you sweetie girl....say HI to Bonnie

    1. Love you too Retta. I'll miss you lots, BUT you'll only be a province away!

  5. Your Aunt Joanne and I are excited to be the first stop on your victory tour back home.
    Uncle David

    1. I can't wait to see you guys! I'm super pumped for our road trip!

  6. You look FANTASTIC Jess!! And Carman is rocking those new lungs, too! Enjoy your last days in TO- Nova Scotia will be welcoming you back with open arms :)

    1. Thanks Sharon! I can't to come back; it's surreal!

  7. Hi Jess - great to find your blog and 'meet' you (thanks to the CFC!)! This October will mark 20 years since my dad's double lung transplant at TGH. He lives a normal life... save for the hundreds of pills and dr apts, of course! I have worked and volunteered for the CF cause my whole life, and never cease to be amazed at how positive, inspiring, and beautiful most of the CFers I've known are... and you're no exception! Looking forward to following your journey, and sending every wish for health and happiness!!

    1. Hi Dizzy :)

      Glad you found me! That's so awesome about your dad; very inspiring! Thanks for all the work you do for CF, we need more people like you!

  8. i cannot get over how great that photo of Carman and Pamela is. he looks the picture of health and Pamela looks happy to have her "special" person back with her. God bless you both

    1. They both wear big smiles these days :))

  9. hi this is shay and my friend bailey me and him are cousions of yours we are so glad you are home and feeling better and healthy can not wait to see you.