Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Up, Up & Up

Yesterday was beyond awesome.

Whatever the heck happened to my beautiful new super chunkers has stopped. Or is gone.


Read on.

I peeled my eyelids back at 6:20AM when my stupid alarm got all up in my face. Then I looked into the G-man's adorable brown eyeballs and decided not to take my alarm and smash it against the wall.

We landed at TGH just over an hour later so I could have my rounds of poking and radiation.

Next up was physio where I improved from the week before, while managing to spill coffee all over the place.

Yup, leave it to me.

Got to pop in on my boy Carman who's still rocking some sexy chest tubes but free of other lines. He continues to do amazingly well and I couldn't be more proud, however he better not think this means I'm going easy on him in any future competitions.

Hamilton - I will lay the smack down.

Next up we headed up so I could do some box panting. After some fast hard blows, the results were in.

Tell me how cool this is:

Last Wednesday - a drop to 69%

Monday - 82%


Ok, ok, ok. Even cooler news.

CF clinic today.

Good news - clinic only lasted 2.5 hours.

Great news - I did some more fast hard blows.

Fantastical news - lung function came in at


I'm not sure what exactly happened. My best guess at an explanation for the drop in lung function is it being the remnants of that ugly rejection I had. 

Definitely feel back on top and ready for a good time. It's looking more and more positive for a Nova Scotia return in mid March.

Anyone feel a par-tay coming on?


  1. I'm proud of you, Squeeg... And I'm so happy for you!!!

    I remember the off days now and then - the WTF is going on?!?! days... And then they disappear. Eventually, they stay away. I hope you experience the same...

    I don't remember things that well - if you ask me now, I would tell you that after they popped the last staple in my chest, I leapt off the table and started running - or climbing stairs or something. My princess has to remind me sometimes that I had my share of issues. The first months are a bit of a roller-coaster, as you've felt. But, the ride gets smoother and smoother. We just have to ride out the beginning. I'm so glad you and Carman are doing just that!

    And I LOVE hearing your rocketing lung function!!! You'll always be a rock-star in my book.

    Our climb was epic. I had 120 on my team - Kari's Klimbers will probably raise $25,000 this year... And I was surrounded by 25 or so people who Kari grew up with. Her volleyball teammates are amazing and beautiful people - I cannot imagine adoring daughters more than I adore them... And the girl who gave me her kidney last May, Alex, climbed with me too. She is a truly good human being. I can't wait until I read about you doing goofy things like this!!!

    You take care... Love, Steve

    1. The first months are definitely wonky; but that's ok, I'm sure it'll all settle down like it did for you. If not...I know karate (well really I don't, but I'll pretend).

      I wouldn't put it past you to leap off the operating table and start sprinting or climbing stairs ;) You are such an inspiration for Carman, myself and many others.

      So glad your climb went well! $25,000 IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I can't wait to do stuff like that and be as cool as you!They all sound like such great people and Alex definitely is one of a kind.

      Have a great Wednesday!!

  2. 69 to 86%,Positively Great news Jess. Home to N.S. Brad & the boys in march .Keep up the good work ,you too Carmen.Love Forever& Always Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. Thanks Heather - Carman has a tough act to follow - with Jess leading the way. He did however, have to give her the pointing finger talking to the other day...just going at it too hard and wore herself out! He made her pull out the promissory note (that we all signed as witnesses), that she'd do what she knows she should to protect herself and her new blowers from fatigue. Carman came home Friday, we arrived at around 6pm...said he had the best sleep ever last night! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

  3. I am happy that you are remembering to do your daily fast hard blows.

  4. Wonderful news, Jess! I think of you, often, esp. those days when you are waiting results. Do you know "The (Four) Tenors"? They all have signed as donors on their health cards! And, the Life: Pass It On website has a promo that members are eligible for the draw for a pair of backstage pass tickets to The Tenors show at the Halifax Metro Centre on Tuesday March 5th. ;-D Catherine

    1. Ya, I've heard of them. So happy they registered as donors; I will definitely check them out now!!
      Life: Pass It On is fantastic, eh?

  5. Jess - best pic you've taken of Griff - ever!