Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Competitive Scope

This morning was exceptionally awesome as it rained and snowed like crazy overnight and the G-man and I had to go out in the lake park at 7AM. It only took him a glorious 45 minutes to do his business. However, I can't complain as I can actually walk around for 45 minutes without collapsing in a ditch somewhere.  

My bronch was moved ahead to today. Docs want to make sure there's nothing wonkified going on in my new chunkers; like no ugly rejection monster lurking in my lung shadows...stuff like that.

We landed at the hospital a bit early so we went upstairs to visit Carman. Turns out he was scheduled for a bronch today too.

The monkey takes the fear away

 If you're wondering who was scheduled first...


He was being wheeled into the prep room as I was being wheeled to the
procedure room and you can bet your a$% I reminded him that I won.

As you can tell, there's obviously no competition between us.

A bronchoscopy involves an IV being jammed in the body, gargling with a horrid freezing solution (which I avoid as it makes me hurl), an aerosol with the freezing solution, an atrocious freezing spray and some beautiful sedation. And that's just the prep work.

To get the party started a scope is shoved down my throat, the doc gawks around at the goods and a biopsy is done.
Something like this I'm sure

It's all very glamorous.

Cons: disgusting freezing spray   

Pros: sexy sedation

Sedation is a beautiful thing. Especially when you are dead tired and just want a freaking nap before a shopping trip. I say bring it on and knock me the heck out.

Results will be in by Monday.


  1. I LURV versed... I wake from that feeling on top of the world!!! A real euphoric feeling...

    And, I wake up somewhat of a freaking idiot! I remember one time my wife watched me struggling to open my right eye - just sitting there, hands at my side, flipping my head to and fro with my left eye open, and obviously trying to coax my eye open (I know - WTF...) Laura and the receptionist watching me, amused... Finally, it flipped open and I burst into a verse of Johnny Nash's "I can see clearly now..." I thought the receptionist was going to pee in her pants...

    Another time the doc came out, the procedure was over and I was sleeping... My doc who had done the procedure came out and told Laura that my throat might be a little more sore than usual... Laura, concerned, asked why... The doc explained that, mid procedure with the bronchoscope down my throat, I apparently decided I had things to say and wanted to talk... No one was really surprised.

    And the freeze stuff they used on us years ago was supposed to be banana flavored. Yes - Satan's bananas - bananas from hell - no bananas I know of...

    Good luck, Squeeg & Carman... I'm confident things will be freaking dandy!!!

    Love, Steve

  2. OMG I HATE versed! Knocks me out for at least 24 hours lol. Now the stuff they give you for colonoscopies, THAT shit is awesome!!! Knocks you out deeper....looooooooooooove

    and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at Steven!!!! Love those kinds of stories lol

  3. We awaken fairly of the freaking simpleton! I recall once my spouse viewed me personally battling in order to open up my personal correct attention -- simply seated presently there, fingers inside my aspect, turning my personal mind backward and forward along with my personal remaining attention open up, as well as certainly attempting to cajole my personal attention open up (I understand -- WTF... )#) Laura and also the receptionist viewing me personally, entertained... Lastly, this turned open up as well as We burst open right into a passage associated with Ashton Nash's "I can easily see obviously right now... inch We believed the actual receptionist would pee within the woman's trousers...

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