Saturday, 2 February 2013

TransplantLand Games Night & A New Babysitter

What's better than a bunch of post-crusty-lungers, current crusty-lungers and a boatload of support people getting together?

Getting together with food and games.

Less & less of us are waiting for lungs; problem - some ARE still waiting

This was my first games night sans oxygen. No offense oxygen, but I don't want to hang out with you anymore; in fact, my life is super fantastical with out you. I won't be sending you any "I miss you" or "Thinking of you" greeting cards any time soon, but please know that you served your purpose and I am grateful for that.

This was also my first bbq chicken pizza experience - WoW. YummY. Some advice - try it. Delish!

A few pics from the festivities:

This may be evidence of me trying to steal the entire cheesecake
It was a really good night; only problem was that at the end of the night the scores weren't added up, so no winner was declared. However, I'm sure you will all agree that I won, right?


Last night was June's last night with me. So we decided to go wild. We hit up a movie. Being Friday night, I thought it would be packed, so I recommended we go early.

There was a grand total of what? 15 people in the theatre.

Crazy I know. Could barely get a seat.

We shoved popcorn down our throats while staring at Hansel & Gretel. I may have spent a few scenes watching through my scarf - cause we all know scarves are great for protection from evil.

Today was the 'changing of the babysitters'. Although, with these new chunkers, my babysitters are having a hard time keeping up with me.

I've been very emotional since transplant (I blame it entirely on the drugs) and got all teary-eyed saying goodbye to June. Once again someone leaves my condo and I'm not going back to NS with them. Soon though! I have to keep my eye on the prize. I need to stay focused, and continue working hard on my recovery, so that at the 3 month mark I get the heave-ho out of TO.  

June, thank you for staying with me for a month, it meant a lot. The month zoomed by, we had tons of fun, made lots of memories and have lots of stories to tell.

Lindsay is back. This time for 2 weeks. She has no idea what she's in for; this is the new Squeegee.


  1. My heart is sad to say farewell to June (for now) and it truly goes out to Lynds who is completely unaware of what she is in for.

    WARNING: Squeege can now walk, talk, text and breathe all at the same time! Without coughing!
    HINT: She is still easily distracted.

    Welcome Back & Good luck Lynds