Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rumor has it...

I am a very happy girl.

I heard a rumor about a CF girl getting out on Friday. This girl is apparently uber cool and rocks some sweet red kicks.

Ya, that's right - that girl is me!

The minimum for an IV run is 10 days and it'll be 10 days on Friday. I'm feeling much better and I'm ready to get outta heaaa...right in time for my tall, dark and handsome to fly in for the weekend (for work, but still yay)!!!! 

That's just one more full day and two more nights before I get to see his face. Hard to believe he'll be right here, as it seems like forever ago that he last was.

Had a visit with my fantastical buddy Craig today. We went to the cafeteria with mom, except here it's called the "Marketeria", guess they think that makes it more appealing? Cooler?

We were walking down the hall when I saw my doc. She actually brought up the topic of my release first. I replied, "Ya, I was wondering exactly how to broach that". Followed by, "You look very pretty today".

Brownie points guys. 

***Not so subtle wink***                   

However, in sticking with my new found smarts (from listening to my doc's advice from the other day) I ensured that it was totally her idea for me to break out on Friday.

Doctors are so smart; always listen to them.

To backup my claim of feeling better is the fact that I annihilated that stationary bike today. I am a machine. Unstoppable.

Afterward I had more of the massage physio stuff...I may or may not have fallen asleep for the next 15 decades.

I leave you with some 'Hospital Humour':

 - Nurse changing my PICC dressing says "Don't cough"

To which I started laughing, as telling a CF patient to not cough, is like telling ice cream to not melt, or a politician to not lie.

Or me to not be cool. 

 - Skyping with Pamela...I didn't hear my nurse coming, but turned at the last minute and saw a gun in my face and watched my life flash before my eyes.

The gun was actually a scanner for my hospital bracelet (for distributing meds).  

Looks like I'll live to see another day. 


  1. Thinking of you, Jess! So happy to hear you're going to be sprung soon :) Enjoy every minute with your man this weekend! Another rumor has it that your littlest fan is working on a very special Christmas card for you... ;) XO

    1. Thanks Sharon! I can't wait for that special card!!!

  2. Glad you're being sprung!!! And no, I cannot imagine you not being cool... The coughing thing will change though...

    I remember 6 or 8 weeks after my transplant being kinda freaked about my cough - It was really bothering me and I finally said something about it at my next clinic appointment - I told my doc that my cough "just isn't right" - that something was wrong and I couldn't cough well, and I couldn't explain it so I would just demonstrate...

    I proceeded to make myself cough - my princess and my doc both looked at me kinda puzzled, and when I finished, i was, like, "SEEEEeeeee?!?! See what I mean??? I can't COUGH!" The puzzled look changed to an are-you-really-an-idiot? look, and the doc then said, "that's how normal people cough..."

    Glad you're getting out!!! Love, Steve

  3. Yeah Steve - bring on the "normal cough" for Jess!
    Just think Jess, only one more day of antibiotics and 8-10-18-22 prophylactics!

    When I saw that black thing I thought it was a glue gun and Jess had ordered hair extensions of some such Diva Delight! It was entertaining watching you sort through the various mystery items on your dinner plate - didn't even come close to mine (salmon, rice & green beans). We needed the masked & gloved B-rad here for another dissection of said items!

    Kind of reminds me of song.. Swing Out Sister, 1989 - BREAK OUT!

    1. Oh the hospital is a place of high entertainment...

  4. So I'm sitting here hoping nobody comes into my cube area and sees me chair-dancing -- LOVE the video, Pamela!!! Love, Steve

    1. Hey, Break Out at will Buddy! (just don't bite you're lower lip while chair dancing - you'll look like Billy Crystal in When harry Met Sally - ha ha