Monday, 22 October 2012

Hours till lift off

There are a lot of weird things that have happened. I mean, that tends to happen to me a lot, but let's break this down.

My friend Tara comes to town. She was visiting her brother and they came across some three leaf clovers. So what, right?

She digs around and what does she find? A FOUR leaf clover. That four leaf clover was passed on to me merely days from me getting THE CALL.

My friend Trevor announced he would be doing the Runway Run for the Lung Association and would be dedicating his run to me, again merely days before THE CALL.

Yesterday was the walk for melanoma. Brad walked in Liam's honour. Is Liam up there making sure this happens??

My friend Helene was just here to visit. Today is her 6 month assessment.

I blogged this morning at 5.

The OR is booked for 5.

This is all too coinkidinky, is it not???

Yup! Surgery is booked for 5pm. I'm super excited. My main concern is whether or not there will be a red carpet waiting for me.

Of course, with transplants the surgery could be called off at the last moment due to problems with the lunage.

But I have such a fabuloso feeling about this. I just want to get those new windbags shoved inside so I can start ripping around this city.

As far as medical crap, I'm on a sugar solution to keep my blood sugar normal and have been given the monster anti-rejection Meds again.

If all goes well, a few hours from now I'll be laying on a table having my chest sliced open.

Here's my feelings on that:


  1. OMG!!!!

    Still got my fingers and toes crossed for you

  2. LURV the picture!!! Coinkidinky, I think not... I with Jessica - fingers & toes are crossed. (Is that the famous Helene?!?! I think she's awesome - I just adore her.)(Much like I do you, of course...) Love, Steve

    1. Yes BreathinSteven, It's the famous Helene Campbell lol. Her personality is similar to Jess. Both are fun loving, funny, inspiring and full of life.

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's great news. 35-minute count down. I'll be thinking of you at 5:00 (and always).

  4. Just saw your FB post. Sorry for my premature excitement... I'll still be thinking of you at 5pm no matter what. :)

  5. Good luck Jessica....wishing you all the best!

  6. I am so excited for you. I will be thinking of you when I go to bed and when I wake up.( and until I see an update on you) Wishing you all the best.I know all of us Nova Scotians are pulling for you to go through with flying colors.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    When Shannon called with the good news i cried for you, and today when she came to my desk i cried for you again. You are a very strong person and God tries to teach us something in everything we do or in everything he does. This was just a test run and know you now what all to look forward to. Something big is going to happen and you are just starting the foundation. Make sure the dog is ready for journey as we all know you are.
    Praying each day for you (chunky monkey) with all your friends and family