Monday, 3 September 2012

Labour Day

Weird, it didn't even feel like a holiday. I guess that's because every day feels the same. Except for the weekends, those feel like actual weekends. So, I guess this just felt like another Sunday.

When you aren't working, there's no schedule to adhere to and you end up forgetting what day it is. You also lose a bit of a sense of urgency, as you don't have to fit things in around work.

One of the pluses of being on the transplant list is the fact that you do have a schedule. Going to physio 3 days a week is like a job, albeit one that doesn't pay very well.


I will have to remember to ask for a raise. 

I have somewhere I have to be 3 days a week. How cool is that? Cool for this girl, who back in 2008 had to temporarily retire and has been going slowly insane as a result...although some may claim that I've always been.

But it's not just the 1.5 hours of physio, it's the entire day. It's getting my (sometimes uncooperative) body up and out of bed, through my morning routine and eventually out the door and then back. It's actually quite an intricate process...I should likely write a manual for myself, as I often forget who I am and what I'm doing here. 

I'm not sure how I contain my excitement when there are doctor appointments thrown in.

Today marks 3 months in Toronto. I can't believe it's been that long. What a summer; the best summer of my life. How could it not have been? I'm on the transplant list waiting for some freaking fabulouso windbags, I've been crowned Princess and I've had an unstoppable supply of tall hazelnut blondes.

Our holiday fun was spending the day with Carman, Pamela and Shilpa (a fellow post-transplant wannabe). Pamela must really love me, as she fed me lots of coffee and even bought hazelnut cream - you're a daaaarlin!

I learned a new game today; I learned how to play dominoes. I thought we were going to line them all up and see who could knock them down the fastest or something else just as mind-blowing. Nope, we played Mexican Train. It took me a bit to engage my brain, but finally I started to strategize.....except it was too late. But that's not really important, what is important is that next time I will stealthily take home the gold once again.

Best moment of the night:

***I was describing the surgery, talking about chainsaws, ripping the old lungs out, throwing them on the floor, the new ones stuffed inside and then duct tape to hold our body together, when Shilpa threw in "I think they use glue".

Carman - Elmers glue.

Shilpa - How old is Elmers glue?

Carman - Way past my time.

Shilpa - Wow, that is old. are awesome.


  1. What - no bragging about the Dominoes game? Oh...right...Shilpa cleaned up and beat us all! Well done Shilpa and thanks Griffin, for bringing Jess & Heather over to our place today - it was lots of fun!
    Hugs to all!

    1. And she said she had no strategy! Yaaaaa right.

  2. AH! Mexican Train dominoes is HANDS DOWN one of my most favorite games ever. In my circle of family and friends, it becomes quite a heated competition. :-)

    1. I love it! Once I realized what was going on and how to strategize :)

  3. Your description of the surgery is priceless... I'm reading this at work on my lunch break and I laughed so hard my coworkers had to ask me if I was OK.
    Xoxo Megan

  4. There is Mexican Train...and MONKEY TRAIN...which is almost like reverse Mexican Train. We love that game, play it at Dad's a lot.

    1. Ooooo, we have to play when I come back!