Sunday, 2 September 2012

Brad's departure & a T burger

Just taking care of business...
I'd like to draw your attention here


Yup, that's right, the Squeeg wins again.

I know what you're thinking...what's new, right?

I decided that I was easy enough on Heather the first time we played cards, plus I love laying the smack down on the Hamiltons, so naturally it was an easy win. Like playing against children really.

It was super great to have a games night as yesterday was the day Brad left. I think Pamela knew that it was just what I needed - to keep my mind off my tall, dark and handsome.

Pamela drove to the airport and was my shoulder to bawl on during the drive back. I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried.....okay, sorry Brad....I didn't. I had my moment and then I pulled myself together and snapped out of it.

I may or may not have had a burst of crying that involved barely breathing.

I realize that there could be worse situations, and that in the end, I'm actually a supremely lucky individual. I have Brad and the boys to go home to when this is all said and done, or to be more accurate, when I'm all sewed up and the crusty lungs are extinct.

Of course Pamela captured my heartbreak:
The yuckiness has started
The sadness creeps in
I'm desperately trying to hold back...
...and the dam breaks

So, let's turn to something uplifting, shall we?

Taylor, my beautiful niece and goddaughter, turned 2 on August 30th. Today was her party. As I am stuck in Toronto, I could not be there physically, but thanks to technology, Heather and I had our faces attend through a laptop screen.

My little T burger
T with her cousin Abbey - they're obviously talking about how cool I am

T with mommy & daddy

I miss my family...but I'm grateful to have a piece of that family right here with me. Thanks Heather (or should I say, Mildred - a name she made up for herself today when asked by an intoxicated park person, me I just blurted out Jessica...and then he wanted a fist bump) for putting your life on hold and coming to take care of me.


  1. Oh Squeege, blah, blah, but you do go on and on and on and on and on and on...Brad, the leather in the Tiguan is so salt stained I'm sending a pic to VW! They will, no doubt, offer this mottled finish in the 2014 models (it will take a couple of years to gather enough tears to create the look). The wailing and gnashing of teeth was deafening!

    Jessica, on the other hand, didn't cry one bit...well a few tears of course, but within a few blocks of the airport she was fully composed and on the lookout for a Starbucks! :o)

    ...and yes, in honour of your departure we had a coffee, but back at the condo so Mildred could join us! Carman had a mega sleep day, so I dragged him over for some UNO Spin - and as we agreed, let Jessica win - you were absolutely right, it worked! We celebrated how happy the boys would be to have you home and there are now 2 less sleeps until your return!

    Chin up Squeege, I'll pick you and Mildred up around 12:30

    1. This comment actually made me laugh out loud.

  2. Jessica, just a note about all the hits on your blog that you mentioned a few days ago, I am not surprised as your writing is quite entertaining, maybe a book is in your future. I can only imagine how much you and Brad will miss being together, but with todays technology, it must make it a bit better to be able to actually see and talk with each other everyday.
    Sounds like Mildred is doing ok, I knew she'd adapt to the big city, however she needs to get her card game together. Love you both, Linda D

    1. Thanks Linda! Well, at least my family would buy the book ;)

      It's definitely great to have computers and iphones - much easier to keep in touch and not feel so far away.

      Mildred is great! I think she's liking Toronto...but I'll have to give her a bit of coaching on the games...