Friday, 21 September 2012


He's here! He's actually here! I can reach out and touch him, so I know it's real.

Last night Pamela picked me up, once again, after I had a stimulating convo with ma sister Jamie, via skype. This happened to take place in the lobby, and as a result, I've warned the concierges that she's a little craaaaazy (they need to be prepared as she has plans to come visit).

I always say that Jamie is me, on speed, with no filter. But that's probably a slight exaggeration.

Love you sis! I can say what I want and you just have to take it, cause


....and this be my blog!

Last night we had to circle and wait a bit for Brad to get off the plane. I guess they all found out that he was coming to see me and they were asking him if they could come too. Man has to stop.

Finally, I saw him. I stepped out of the Hamilton SUV. Trumpets went off. Bands started performing - strumming geetars, flicking their hair in circles, people screaming and fainting, eyeballs popping out, camera flashes all over the place; pure chaos. 
Pamela threw Squeaker, Brad, and I in the back and floored it avoid a swarming. Insane.

This morning I was so out of it that I loaded up my aerosol with pulmozyme, put the top back on and then seconds later started shoving things around, searching for the pulmozyme.....


Thankfully, between Brad and Heather, I have managed to remember to consume nutrients, take my meds and maintain a high level of crusty-lunged coolness.

My energy is highly unimpressive. I wake up in a delirious state that slowly improves as the day goes on. I am sometimes allowed a break long enough to do something amazing, like lift 4 lbs at physio, kick some arse at any game, or drink a tall blonde, and then it comes creeping in again, like that "friend" whom you just wish would forget your existence.


We're headed out to the Hamiltons' tonight where I'll be sure to throttle everyone in whatever game we decide to play. In the event that I lose, it will be 100% due to my lethargy and absolutely notta to do with my intelligence and strategy.


  1. I wonder if the big penguin makes the little penguin sit on the floor when they're watching TV.

    1. Oh oh pick me pick me..I know the answer to this question!!! The answer is yes! The big penguin is a super bully and the poor little penguin just has to take it if she want to hang on the same ice flow..geesh!

      Lil Sis

    2. Listen...there is only room for ONE penguin on that piece of ice; I don't make the rules. Well, actually I do, but that's neither here nor there.

  2. Throttle? ahemmm, sorry sista, low score wins in the game of UNO Spins!

    Jess - 241
    Carman - 241
    Shilpa - 220
    Pamela - 140
    Brad - 105

    1. Hmmm, you must have made those numbers up!