Thursday, 20 September 2012

Best Day EVER!

Colossal thanks to Sandra, Gary, Nessie and her staff at Sandra Rinomato Reality Inc., Brokerage!!!

Love, love, loved getting a Starbucks card in the mail!!!

Disclosure: Many hazelnuts will be harmed during the usage of the card.

I got another interesting piece of mail yesterday. Apparently, while I was hospitalized back in July, I didn't fill out a 'Declaration of Hospital Insurance Coverage'.

Oooops. However, why didn't someone bring it to my attention then???

They've sent me the declaration and I have 15 business days to return it or I will be personally responsible for paying the $29,595.00 in medical fees.

So, obviously I ignored it and am just going to reach in my back pocket for the nearly 30 grand. 

Wow. Seems I saved the government mucho dinero by not agreeing to be admitted again on September 6th. I'm sure they can spend it on something as equally important, like their pensions.

Physio was great today. Mark (my squat buddy) looks amazing for his big performance on Saturday (he's obviously been taking my medical advice). He will be strutting himself, his O2 and his daughter down the aisle. Congrats Jess! Go get yourself a husband with those hawt shoes!

I could barely contain myself all day. It's just the Best day! Today is awesome! Like super, super awesome!


BRAD is coming to visit ToDaY!!!!!!!!!!  

As I type, Lindsay is driving him to the airport. Pamela, being so incredible and all, is taking me to Pearson to pick him up and drag him back to the condo.

It's incredibly hard to be away from family, friends, Brad and the boys. But this short visit will keep me going for awhile...until I forget what he looks like. At which point he'll hop on another plane and remind me once again.

This is my face ------------------->


  1. Hey - I'll add my thanks to Sandra and her team - I thoroughly enjoyed my Tazo Chai Latte treat, via Heather who stood in line with Carman for Jess and insisted on sharing with us! Big Thanks!

    Now for Jess' followers, let me fill you in on what she left out...I pick her up at the condo and she's vibrating all over the flagstone, while Heather tries to hold her down and upright! She squeaks at me "I'm so excited! I can't believe he's coming!!!" - duh

    We get her settled (hmm, well seated anyway) in the passenger seat with Squeaker standing sentry bedside her, get strict instructions from Heather to be home by midnight and head toward Pearson. As is predictable...we slow to a crawl on the 427 (construction crews hard at work at night) and she says, "Oh, no! while madly texting Brad to let him know we're idling in traffic), then reporting that he's not answering, maybe he's still in-flight. As it is now 9:45 and the flight is due at 10:00, I'm agreeable to this observation. ;o)

    We arrive at the airport, pull slowly by the arrivals pick-up area and scan for the tallest dude possible - no sign of him yet. Then a text arrives that they haven't yet deplaned and there seems to be a hold up getting the door opened. We circle the block and approach again, then hear that they finally have the door open but now the passengers are log-jammed in the opening, all trying to exit en masse!

    Knowing Brad will still have to retrieve his luggage, I suggest we go and wait in the cell phone lot and he can text once extricated from the plane and laden with luggage. Now ensues some minor hyperventilating, coughing, giggling and OMG-ing from my passenger, who has given up on any effort to remain calm.

    The minutes tick s-l-o-w-l-y by and finally...the text arrives and Brad is ready for pick-up. We break the 30kph sound barrier and rush on over to canopy B, while Jess squirms, her knees bounce and a myriad of assorted squeals and squeaks erupt from her mouth...uh huh, Miss Calm Cool Collected..."I don't see him, where is he? OMG, he's not you see him? Where can he be?"

    and then...there he is, Mr. Tall Dark & Handsome Hunk of Honey!

    The seat belt goes flying before the vehicle stops! I put it in park and jump out, meeting Brad at the hatch. "I'll get the bag, you get her before she explodes..." I say. So he does, and then the horns start blaring for them to disentangle themselves and get into the car. I open the back door and grab Squeaker - telling Jess to put herself in the back seat with Brad - "Oh, that's ridiculous, you'll be alone up front." she says with a bit of faked enthusiasm.

    Rather ride with me or Brad??? I have to say, it's the fastest I've seen her climb in yet! ;o)

    I'll let her tell you the uncensored version of the ride home (the wrong guess), but suffice it to say, this pick-up and delivery, was the most fun and brought me more joy than I can say!

    ahhhh....sweet love!
    xo xo