Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sweaty Inspiration

Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Jordan, one our park friends. She dropped off some yummy homemade lasagna, which was devoured in 3.25 seconds. Grazie!

We were woken this morning by the building's sound system. It was pretty sweet; felt like I was cracked over the head and then:

Poor G-man didn't know what to do. He was shaking and soooo scared. I saved his life though; it's what I do. Yup, in my spare time I save the lives of scared puppies, kittens & the elderly. I was looking for a superhero costume and now that I have the pimping shoes - I'm half way there.

Brad got up and took Griff outside and I started my aerosols. When he got back he had a fabuloso idea; coffee date at Starbucks after breakfast. So we grabbed some cereal and sat on the couch to watch the Olympics, besides just wanting to watch, I also need to get pointers for when I'm an Olympic competitor.

So there we are eating our breakfast together and I've taken approximately 3 spoonfuls when I look up and see Brad's completely done and going back for more. I guess it does take a lot of energy, and in turn you rack up a big appetite, to be my "support worker".

We eventually made it to Starbucks and I got my....ok, 2 guesses.

Brad went to the gym in the afternoon and I decided to stay behind and blog.
Griff wanted to help
Eventually I gave up the blogging as I spent the entire time surfing the internet and cuddling the G-man. There we were, sitting on the couch, spending quality time together, when all of a sudden - blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Damn sound system again.

What's happening???
Griffin was so scared, shaking like I do when I spot a Starbucks.

Consoling my boy

Ok, now it just looks like a headlock
Once I got him calmed down, I decided to check on Brad at the gym, to admire his technique...I mean to learn from him, or supervise...or something.

The Plank

The Superman
Apparently, he doesn't realize there's only room for 1 superhero in this city.

He actually had me lifting weights. There were no 3 lbs, so I attempted the 5. I didn't do so bad; I did like 1 rep and everything. Tomorrow I think I'll bench press 100. Obviously I'm ready for that; I'll just crank up the O2 to 1000 litres and show everyone how it's done.

In total Brad climbed 1840 stairs today!!! To help you understand the enormity of this, there are 1776 stairs in the CN Tower. He told me he was inspired by his friend Liam, who's battling cancer and is literally, at this very moment, fighting for his life. Brad knows that Liam wishes he were well and able to be working out, so Brad did it for him.

We wish him, his girlfriend Katie and his family peace and comfort during this difficult time. It's times like these that I wish we were back in Nova Scotia. Thankfully, Brad is able to keep in touch with Liam and get updates from Katie. Liam has many friends who are there for him and are flying in to see him, which is a testament to how great a guy he is. He's been a really great friend to Brad, as they've been there for each other through all the crap that's been thrown at them.

In 100% complete seriousness, hug your friends and family and never take them for granted.


  1. News Flash - if you crank the O2 up to 1000're going to be a flying superhero - no, I mean it, you'll float away! Bench pressing more than the combined weight of you, Squeaky, the chair and heck, throw Griff on there too...impressive work Woman! I see Gold in your future, if not for weight lifting, for certain in the dog wrestling competition!
    Aren't those alarms just way better than a Vente Bold for kick starting your day? Then there's the big "do I go or do I stay" debate you have with yourself...should I fill tanks and be ready to bolt or wait it out and hope it's a false alarm? We've had 4 since we moved into our apt, all false, thank goodness !
    We had the waiting on O2 delivery day yesterday, then had dinner at The Blake with our friend Wanda, who finishes her job her in TO on Friday, then starts a new one in Waterloo next week. It was a beautiful evening to be sitting outside on a patio :o)
    Big hugs going out to you, Brad and his friend Liam...

    1. It was actually them testing the sound system, but of course the prelude was a beautiful, harmonious BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Griff just about turned inside out.

  2. just had my jess fix and wanted to say I LOVE your hair!!! like really LOVE it!!!! xoxoxo -jen

    1. Thanks Jen. Actually it's kind of sad. I'm without my amazing hair girl Tammy, so I'm left with box dye - gasp! You can't tell by the photos, but it turned out a pretty funky shade: purple-esq.
      It's calmed down a lot though. New problem - I really need a haircut so I'm on the hunt for a hair stylist; either that or go with the bowl method.

    2. let me know how the bowl method turns out!! haha...seriously though i really like the colour...going to get mine coloured on Monday...gonna go dark i think! Got to have a chat date some news :) xoxo miss you!!