Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stupid Cold

Not having the best of days.

Went to physio, sugars were out of control. On the subway, before we even got there, I had to shove a Mars bar down my throat.
I know you want these gooey innards

While on the treadmill I was soooo tired. Brad went on the hunt for a blood sugar monitor and was given a brand new one from the Diabetes Clinic.

My sugar was on the borderline, so Brad got me some OJ to guzzle. I downed it and finished my workout.

Before I left NS, my family and friends got together to surprise me. A go-get-you-new-windbags party. I was given this shirt by our family friends, Roger and Peggy:

You can probably see my muscles ripping through the shirt

Just a little inside joke. It's always a good time @ the Carver's in the 644. Wild times, craziness and tons of fun. I'm sad that I'll miss out on the annual summer party :(

I miss you guys!

We finally made it back from physio (every step seemed harder and harder - as I ditched the chair thinking I could handle it). We got back and I threw myself in bed and stayed there for approximately 3 hours.

I must keep this short as I'm just not feeling up to my usual awesome self. I'm pretty tired and still battling this cold that just won't quit. I'm working on a stealth attack, but it doesn't seem to turn it's back too often.

And besides, Big Brother is on!!!


  1. Those innards look outta-this-world yummy ! I can't believe someone as sweet as you is having sugar issues..CF and all it's related spirit deflating' derivatives absolutely suck...AND...if any mucho muscled, red runner riding, sweetly smilin' chiseled chick can master that's YOU!
    C U L8R today!

  2. oh yeah...looking HOT in red by the way!

  3. I know!! I thought I was sweet enough already too!!! It's just craziness!