Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Long Weekend, Long Post & Free Lunches DO EXIST

What a crazy few days. We've been keeping busy (sometimes that's the best way when dealing with a tragic loss) and I haven't had time to visit the blogging world. Plus, it was a long weekend. If you've missed your daily dose of crazy...then I sincerely apologize.

It's been tough; tough to watch someone you love deal with such pain. However, Brad is focusing on the good that was Liam's life and all the great memories. He'll be heading to NS for the wake and funeral; just making arrangements now.


I hate that I can't go with him, but if I went to NS, I'd have to be temporarily taken off the list and we all know, Murphy's law and all, that's when the transplant team would call wanting to take a chainsaw to my chest, rip the old blowers out and glue some new pipes inside.

Saturday Brad and I went to Heart Lake with Pamela and Carman (let's not forget - New Brunswick guy). It started out perfectly with a pick up at Starbucks. Heart Lake is a conservation area; there is a pool, splash pad, picnic areas and even some ice cream trucks - imagine. Carman and I thought about romping around in our bikinis, but didn't want to scare the children.

Pamela made a yummy picnic lunch and here's how she labeled the sandwich bags:

HRH Princess Jess - Crown Princess of St James Park & all nearby environs

B-Rad - Bodacious Lad & Stair Master

Carman Mr. Courageous Cheeky Daredevil of the depths of the sea and heights of the sky diver dude

Carman's ophysial person. What she does daily wouldn't fit on this momby pomby plastic bag

Then we had some of the...let's go with - sugar free, fat free & everything-else-bad-for-you free cupcakes:

It's a good look, right?
Absolutely the best photo of the day:

Buddy has a really good eye.

It was such a funtastic day and even better was ending it with Starbucks...love you, my tall hazelnut blonde.

Sunday was basically a leave-me-alone-I-need-to-do-nothing day. Except we did have company drop by for a bit, Don & Keigan from PEI. Keigan's 8 years old and really loved it when we took them upstairs and Brad had him posing for a picture where it looked like he was grasping the top of the CN Tower. We could actually create a business. $5 a shot. We'll create a website for our business and call it graspingtopofcntowerphoto.com.

I'm really smart.

And then...ah holiday Monday. Take that Monday! Eat that physio!!

I was so excited, I got up did my aerosols, became exhausted and went right back to bed. Eventually Brad came in to wake me as we needed to get ready for Carman and Pamela (who were coming over for a bbq).

He got me to sit up and through the fog I managed to look my very best. Ladies, you too could be this amazing looking. It's simply a mixture of crappy lungage, exhaustion, sleep and no makeup.

Cosmo - is that you calling??
Another funtastic day with my favorite fellow transplant wait-ees.

How do I describe the day?

It started with us all gawking at London 2012. Eventually Pamela and I moved outside so I could get fresh air and some girl time. Then we move back inside to watch the remainder of the Canada/US game. We won't get in to that...

Next we haul our stuff up to the rooftop. Here we are, Brad and Pamela trying to light the bbq and me standing there (close) watching. Until Pamela suddenly remembers that I have oxygen on and they have an open flame.

Not my finest moment.

Finally! Food!!! At this point I was starving. I know that word is widely overused, but I'm going to use it anyway.


My stomach almost started eating itself.

We sit down to eat and...are surrounded by freaking hornets. Are you kidding me??? A girl can't eat a sausage in peace???

As I am pathetically scared of hornets (not that they are scary, kids) and we just don't want to eat and be swarmed at the same time, we head back inside. At long last, there's nothing standing in the way of me and my sausage and sour kraut.

What happened next was mind blowing. Just ridiculous. Carman, you really need to get some lessons buddy.

This is what happened next:

Ok, how do I describe what went down. Perhaps I'll show you:

378 Carman? Seriously? Seriously Carman?
I think what we all need to concentrate on here is the top game, because everybody knows the 2nd game doesn't count.

My Uncle David and Aunt Joanne came to visit today. They live in Quebec City and popped in on their way back from visiting my cousin, Sara, in Borden, ON. Oh and I can't forget about their girl Max:

The G-man looks like such a beast next to Max.
We decided to go to Jack Astors for lunch. I'm not someone who posts pictures of my meal on Facebook and such, but come on, this had to be shown. Knowing how small I am and how crusty my appetite is...THIS was my lunch.

This was 3x the size of my head
Most shocking part of the day - our server and her manager came over to us after our meal.

Manager: How was your meal today?

Us: (Unanimous) Great!

Manager: Did you like the service that Steph provided?

Us: Ya, she was great!

Manager: Great, we wanted to let you know that your meal is on us today.

Me: Is this a joke?

Brad - head swivels around looking for cameras.

David & Joanne: What!?!?

Steph then slaps the bill on the table and it looks like this:
HUGE thanks to Steph & Jack Astors (Front St):

Great server! Ask for Steph :)
From us:
Check out the stylin' oxygen mustache
Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch??


  1. Hi Jessica! It's Steph from Jack Astor's. Thanks again for giving me the URL for your blog. It was great having you, Brad, David, and Joanne into Jacks today and it made my day being able to get your lunch covered! :D If you get a chance, don't forget to fill out the survey (including the comments section) on the website I showed you. Hope to see you again soon! Take care! :)

  2. What! Did you get a free meal because you were wearing your oxygen?! Man. I never get free stuff. LOL

    1. I'm pretty sure it's just because our server realized how cool I was.

  3. Good recall of the day Jess, considering you tried to get yourself blown up real good (little miss curiosity at the BBQ)! Kids, don't let Jess near the BBQ at home!

    I managed to get the video of Draw til You're Red to work on my blog, so I'll try sending it with the other pics. It does capture the moment so much better than a still pic :o)

    Thanks for an awesome weekend of fun, we had a great time.
    See you Thursday

  4. PS - you look mahhhhvelous in the morning dahhhling!