Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Triple Header

Q: What does HGTV's Property Virgins (seasons 1 - 10) & Buy Herself have in common?

A: Sandra Rinomato

 Q: Who has the best boyfriend in the world and is also an ICU superhero?


Q: What did the best boyfriend in the world arrange & the above 2 things have in common??

A: 10AM hangout ---------->

Brad made this happen. SO freaking cool. I've probably seen every single episode of Sandra's shows and a few of those I've seen twice. Brad put this in motion before I was even discharged from the slammer (aka the hospital). 

She is awesome guys!!

We were there for an hour and had such a great visit. Her husband is from PEI, as is Brad, so they had lots to discuss.

I didn't wear the red kicks, but pretty sure I radiated coolness anyway. Who doesn't look amazing all dressed nice, make-up on, earrings in and oxygen cannula shoved up the nostrils?
I gave Nessie the G-man's email address

Buy Herself is consistently in the top 5 of all shows on HGTV Canada, but isn't currently being aired in the US. Sign the petition below to get a 2nd season and to get it picked up by HGTV USA:

Do it! Dooooo it! I'll give you one of two things if you do:

1. A tall hazelnut blonde
2. One date with B-rad

What happened next was incredible. Some people believe in coincidences, me...I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Yesterday, Brad was looking for a place to get a haircut; a place that doesn't try to stuff your entire wallet down its throat. We couldn't find anything close, so I suggested waiting until today since we were going to see Sandra and could then look in that area.

After we left Sandra, we found a spot. While Brad was getting his hair cut he overheard the woman next to him telling her hair stylist an extremely emotional story. Her best friend's family was in a car accident. Her best friend's son was on life support and was sadly taken off two days ago. 

Breathe Jess, just breathe.

She said what has brought them some comfort is that the family donated his organs.

Obviously this was emotional for Brad and he debated going over to her. In the end he felt compelled to. He explained that he overheard her story, told her about me and that he would love for her to meet me.

He brought me to her. It was so emotional. A moment in life that you never forget. One of those moments when you know, you just know, you were supposed to cross paths. Before we left we gave her this blog link. If you are reading please pass this on. If you've passed this on to your best friend, this is for you.

Please know that this comes from the bottom of my heart. In your moment of heart-wrenching tragedy, you gave the most precious, selfless gift that anyone can give. The enormity of that will never be lost; your son will live on through all the people whose lives he saved. I'm sure he's extremely proud of your decision and is smiling down at you all.

I don't know you, but I love what you've done. Many families will deeply love and appreciate you, even though they will never know you. I hope you can find at least some peace knowing that your son lives on through others. 

From someone waiting for that incredible and beautiful gift of life...thank you.

Last, but absofreakinglutely just as important:

I had transplant clinic today...

I've been moved to status 2.

Due to my recent stay at the Hilton, aka the ICU, and the progression that has staked a solid claim on my body, I am a status 2.

Last week Red dreamed that I received my new windbags...


  1. I'm so excited for you and your visit to Sandra, what a bodacious boy that B-rad is! BTW - your hair looked great and you look gorgeous!

    This is an amazing journey we are on Jess, just think of the people we've met; friends we've made; experiences we've had...because we are here for health issues! Lungs may have brought us here but we aren't letting them control everything that happens while we're here!

    What a tragedy for this family and what strength for them to allow their son's passing to mean new life for so many...many blessings on them! I truly hope this brings some peace to their hearts for there is no pain like that of losing a child.

    Status change = where you need to be Gurlfren xoxoxo

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to really embrace the natural look.
      It truly IS an amazing journey. I can't believe what I've experienced and the people I've met in such a short time.
      I hope some peace will come for them; that gift is more selfless and rich than any other.
      See you in a few!

  2. This was the most exciting day for you ever, except when you met me in primary. LOL I was so excited when you texted me yesterday and told me the great news about being moved up on the list. Remember you deserve those new blowers and never forget that. You need to get back to all of us here in NS. Love ya.xoxox

    1. That's right! Nothing can beat meeting you in primary! Love you lung time :)

  3. Such incredible news, all in such a short time, let the good news keep coming your way!! Hoping that this family and other donor families will be able to find comfort in knowing their loved one has given new life to others! xo

    1. I know, it was almost too much to take. It's a wonder I could breathe!

  4. Jess, You gave me goose bumps when I read this one!!!! Your blogs are great and make me laugh. I hope your new lungs are very near :)
    Nina B.

  5. That is so awesome Jessica... you are right, there is no such thing as coincidence... everything happens for reasons we may not understand at the time, but become clearer as time progresses. I feel those windbags are coming your way to.

    Cheers, Sharon and Robin K.

  6. Hello Jessica,

    It sounds like your turn is coming! I admire your courage and patience! Our hearts are with you ;=) By the way, my boyfriend, my son and myself have all signed up to donate our organs if ever... xxx

    Your cousin, Yolaine

    1. Yay for signing!!! I had a great time with your parents btw. Nothing like a free lunch :) Well...I guess lungs would be pretty cool.

  7. Well Jess, you said Buy Herself made you cry. You got me back! This blog entry has my face wet with tears.

    When you left we all commented on your amazing attitude. How many people can joke about a lung transplant?! We loved meeting you and Brad, your incredible hunk of man.

    I hope you don't mind if I tweet the link to this blog. Too bad, I'm doing it anyway!!

    Thank you for coming to the office yesterday. Sometimes you just meet people that you will never forget and you are one of those people. I feel blessed to have met you both!

    Looking forward to racing you at the lake path. Game ON!

    Sandra Rinomato

    1. Sandra, I can't tell you enough how awesome it was to meet you (and Gary too). I am lucky to be surrounded by incredible people, most importantly Brad. He definitely is my rock and is full of surprises (loved loved loved this one).

      I need to seriously thank you, and tell you that, because of your getting my blog out there, I had 5 times the traffic yesterday!

      If I can educate, touch, inspire or make one person laugh, then my goal is accomplished.

      We still have a long way to go to inspire people to sign up to be donors, but you just helped in a BIG way.

      I can't tell you how cool you are, but honestly, there is no way you'd beat me in a race. And that Sandra, is YOUR fair warning ;)

      Say hi to Nessie (from Griffin).

  8. Jessica,
    I stumbled upon your blog because Sandra Rinomato posted it on Facebook.
    I had a double lung transplant, due to CF, in December 2001. It changed my life and I know it will do the same for you. I wish you all the luck, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate. Though I am sure you have talked to everyone and anyone.
    Good luck!!

    1. I love talking to other cystics. Especially those who've been through transplant. I added you to Facebook. Would love to talk to you more. I would have sent a message, but I'm trying to respond to all of these before I'm late for physio :)

  9. well, jess, this confirms what i already knew: coincidence is not coincidence, kindness multiplies, and sandra rinomato is the real deal.

    i will be rooting for your short time on the status 2 list. i've learned in large part from blogging that rooting and prayers and positive energy circle the world with amazing power.

    i have a blog also; please come visit anytime.

    love :^)

    1. Thanks KJ; I have already checked your site and will absolutely check out your blogs.
      You seem to have the same attitude as me, so I'd love to keep in touch!

  10. Hi Jessica,
    It's good to see you after so many years! You are just as I remember you, a big smile on your face and a great sense of humor. I, like others who have posted here, do not believe in coincidence, but firmly believe that God brings people across our paths with a purpose in mind. I will be praying for you.
    God bless,

    1. Ahhh, Mr. Best. Oh wait, I am no longer an awkward teen in high school.

      Let's try again.

      David, thanks for reading and praying. It means a lot.

      Oh and remember when I received "Most Improved" in French (I believe I was in grade 12)...well I'm still proud of that.


  11. The universe works in mysterious ways, doesn't it? What an amazing story... (okay, 2 amazing stories). I hope you told her that her replacement on Property Virgins doesn't hold a candle to her. And tell Brad I don't know many men who hold a candle to him. xox

    1. Oh we did, lol. Sign the petition!!!

      Poor Brad's head will soon no longer fit through the door and he will then have to sleep at the park.

  12. I miss you. Wish I could see you before Thanksgiving.

    1. Miss you lots L-dawg. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it - possibly with new lungs!

  13. Reading your words never fails to inspire me, Jessica! You are a beautiful, strong & super funny gal- you have a way with words that transports the reader into your world. You are in my thoughts and I just know you will meet your new lungs very soon & that another family will hopefully take comfort in just what you said- living on through another. What a gift to give! Sending you love from NS :)

    1. Aw Sharon, you brought tears to my eyes. Very kind words, thank you.

      I can't help but find humour in everything. Even while lying in the ICU, wearing the Hannibal Lecter mask.

      You have beautiful boys btw.