Friday, 20 July 2012

Visitor Exchange

I am quite the multitasker.

Today at breakfast I did this with one hand:

McDonald's hotcakes from Linds

 And this with the other:

Blood work lady was a crank face

I'll be teaching a class tonight on how to get poked like a champ. At this point the tech just jams it in and I barely feel it.

It's the super powers.

I have good news and bad news. If you are like me, I always chose the bad news first.

Bad news: I'm not getting out today. 

Good news: I get day passes for tomorrow and Sunday!!

I've been for quite a few walks today and I feel great. We even busted out of here and went to the Starbucks across the street. I was just hoping that I didn't run into one of my docs in line. We really should have left our gorgeous yellow dresses on to strut down the street; probably would've started a new trend.

Our last stroll down the halls before Linds left
Linds left today at 4:30. I watched her hop in a cab and go (I may or may not have been outside to do so). Also, I may or may not have waited outside, stuffing my mouth with a snickers, for Brad and his parents. They are here!!

Judy & Ted
I saw them long before they saw me; they were practically on top of me before they actually spotted me. I'm very stealth-like. Some would say I resemble a ninja.

Health wise: I had another arterial blood gas (ABG) today to check my CO2 levels. Let me explain this. The ABG involves sticking a humongous killer needle directly into your ARTERY. Okay, I'm exaggerating on the size of the needle but the pain is incredible. And not in a good way. In the past when I would hear ABG I would curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Silver lining - here they freeze you first!!!

Cue church choir - Hallelujah!!!!

A normal CO2 level is between 35 and 45. Last time mine was 49, so nothing to hurl yourself on the floor and bawl about, but enough to keep me on the Bipap. Fingers crossed that it's even lower so the Bipap and I can stop being so intimate. It makes me feel so Hannibal Lecter-y:

I made sure to walk by a large group of my doctors today and announce "Look at me and how healthy I am!"

I'm really hoping that I'll be out before my birthday. I've never spent a birthday in lockup and I'd rather not have that experience. So if one of you is magical...please make that happen. Thank you.

I've been told that the church next to the hospital, which my window overlooks, has drug deals going on Saturday and Sunday nights. My nurse told me that it gets loud and to ensure my windows are of course I'll be sure to keep them wide open and check out the festivities. Gotta find entertainment where you can, eh?

More pictures from hospitalland:

Gowned & Gloved

Brad's bed in the ICU

Lindsay's hair fighting humidity

My exhaust pipe aerosol

Wild times at St. Mike's...


  1. I could do a thousand ABGs if I never had to have a pH probe done ever! I don't mind them. Needles are nothing to me...tubes down the throat is another story!

    Hope you are out Monday <3

  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog (even those who've thought about it and then backed out or couldn't find where to comment ;)). The comments are something I look forward to. It's nice to hear from you all and sweet to know someone's actually reading the nonsense that comes out of my mouth.

    While I appreciate jokes and a sense of humour,there is a tipping point.

    Please keep in mind there are children who read this blog. Thanks again for reading and keeping it clean :)

  3. Jess, loving your updates and nobody makes a hospital stay sound as interesting and tasty (outside food of course) as you do! Keep fighting the good fight and those day passes will turn into "You're otta here Gurl !" in no time now.
    Hugs, P&C

    1. I figure I might as well fight with the docs about getting out, you know, to make things interesting around here :)

  4. Wow...Lindsay's : D