Saturday, 21 July 2012

Day Pass

3:42 AM

2 Problems:

#1: I wake, for the gazillionth time, thanks to my incredibly weak bladder. There's got to be a solution for this...other than never drinking a single thing after 6PM for the rest of my life. That or depends, right?

#2: I definitely missed out on some entertainment. My window was open to catch the activity on the neighbouring property, but I couldn't make out what the people were actually saying - damn Bipap. I heard a woman for sure and some male voices. They were really loud, but I just couldn't make out the words.

I should have just snuck downstairs and asked them to crank it up a bit. They clearly are not thinking of me.

Silver lining - I fell back to sleep in no time. Weird that I sleep so well here??

Brad, Ted and Judy showed up here at 10. I was supposed to get out by 11. Supposed being the key word. Next thing my nurse says I have another antibiotic that has to be hung at 11. So I'll be out at 12. (I really didn't pay attention to my med timing as I am not usually unhooked.)

12 PM

We are all staring at the IV bag trying to ascertain whether it is the antibiotic coming through or the saline. We see that it is the antibiotic. I buzz the nurse. The conclusion is that it needs another 8 minutes as the settings mucked up some how.

Finally I bust out!! Could I ask for a better day to get out? The weather was beautiful. Brad wheeled me home, with Squeaker hanging on the back of the chair. The G-man was soooo excited to see his mommy. He's makes these cute little squeaky sounds when he's excited to see me. I'm pretty sure he taught that to Squeaker.

We get home and since it's so exhausting being men, the guys have naps. The women sit on the deck with coffee chatting. Sounds right, eh? It felt so nice to sit on the deck again. Strangely enough, I find it peaceful...right in the middle of Toronto. It doesn't hurt that every now and again there is something amusing happening on the street below.

We spend the day relaxing, at the park, at the market and playing I really need to tell ya'll who won??? Come on can do better than that. We won't mention the first game that we played (I may or may not have lost that one). Honestly, sometimes you just have to let someone else win for once ;)

6:40 PM

My fun is over and we have to head back. So sucky. Good news is I felt great. And how I felt depended on whether or not Doc would let me have another day pass tomorrow.

Like I wouldn't have snuck out anyway. Stealth-like ninja that I am.

Pics from the day:

I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I had to snap pictures of it. Here's tree climber guy at the park:
Then he spots us and waves:

Then he does the thing that makes the most sense....he decides to climb higher.

This is when we decide to leave as we don't want to witness his skull smashing off the ground. 


  1. hi jess how are you so i am getting my picters done with my cogging outfit and i was warnding if you wolde like a picter of me if you want one i will send it to you if you just give my your areddres that will be good thank you and love you love always and forever shay xoxoxo

    1. I definitely want a picture Shay!! I'll message your mom with my address ok?
      Love you lung time!

  2. oh by the way love the pictes

  3. Looks like you had so much fun. I am glad that you were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Love the tree climbers. xoxo