Friday, 29 June 2012


I said goodbye to Brad today, as he hopped in a cab to Billy Bishop Airport, off to see the boys. He'll have a jam-packed, crazy fun time with them for the next 2 weeks. Finally he gets a break from the support work. It's demanding. No time off. No pay. No perks.

 Ha, ya right...I'm the perk!!

I'm now counting down the hours until Mom, Dad and Shannon (whom I will now refer to as Red) gets here. About 2 hours now!! So excited! I can't wait to show them my life here and fill them in on everything that's been going on in transplant land. I will have to do some extensive training and supervising to ensure they perform the role of "support workers" up to snuff. It will be so draining...;)

I bought myself this sexy beast today:
Ox the Oximeter
I was really only able to guess my sats before, which isn't the best thing. Too little O2 and bye bye! brain cells, too much O2 and hello! carbon dioxide overload. Now, I'm good. I think it's cute and have decided to name it Ox. My creativity is outstanding.

I dropped to 86% from simply walking from the kitchen to the couch. Decided to strap on the O2 before I lose my entire memory and forget to let them in the building. I'm fighting this infection, therefore it's not shocking that my levels are down and my blood sugar levels are up. I just fling some increased insulin at it and it keeps its mouth shut (diabetes gets wonky whenever there is an infection).

I'm thinking back to all of my past Canada Days and I can't remember ever spending one outside of NS. I'm super excited for the holiday celebrations here. I can only imagine the craziness we will get to partake in (or at least watch). I'm not exactly sure on what all is happening in this city this weekend, but I'm sure the fun will start in less than 2 hours!!!

I'm out on my deck and a football just flew from the roof, to the street below. I guess the party has started. Except for the guy who was walking by at the time...suffice it to say, he wasn't running up to have a game of tackle with them.

I wonder if Dad got to wave at Brad as they crossed paths in the sky? Knowing my Dad, he probably ended up sitting in the cockpit yaking with the pilot.


  1. That's the same one I have! My battery finally died after 2.5 years so I need to replace it.

    1. 2.5 years ain't bad!!! Hey, we're ox buddies!

  2. Good move Jess, we want you keeping all those beautiful brain cells intact! Carman had a terrible time with his O2 yesterday morning, just couldn't get his sats up - after getting out of bed, getting dressed, grabbing a coffee and walking to the couch - he dropped to 82. Did much better in the afternoon, and surprisingly well at physio (stayed above 90). Wicked, wicked beast this disease!
    Hugs, Pj

    1. I need these beautiful brain cells to kick your butts in cards! I hate that Carman is struggling so bad. I wish I could get him some Ebay lungs! Sucks. Glad he did better in physio!