Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Liquid O2

The RT came today to instruct us in using the liquid oxygen. It was a different guy this time. He was the type of person that everyone's dealt with - the kind who only looks at one person (even though there is at least one more present) during a conversation.

Over here! Yes, hi, my name is Jessica and I will be your patient today.  

Take a look at my new travel buddy: 

It's pretty easy, you just throw the small tank (appropriately named Squeaker, as if you tip it, it will squeak at you) on R2-D2 (pictured on last blog entry), let it fill up and it's ready for action in 20+ minutes. However, you have to use caution as the liquid oxygen is -180°C...not exactly a touchy-feely kinda guy. Word around town has it that frostbite burns aren't very "cool".

Today was not my best breathing day. I wear my oxygen overnight and with exercise/exertion. However, I have days where I need to slip it on to do minor things like dry my hair. Today I became short of breath (SOB) putting pillows inside pillow cases. We headed for a walk to Yonge Street with Griffin but I had to kibosh that as I could barely propel my body forward.

Jessica's lungs - party for two!!!

Fun fact: I believe I'm unknowingly a member of some secret club for the sick. Certain citizens of Toronto, in wheelchairs or strapped to oxygen, seem to have a kind of kindred affection for me; always smiling at me or giving me that knowing nod as we pass by. I'm just waiting for my invitation to the clubhouse.

It'll be happening, right? Boxed wine, sweets and maybe, just maybe, an oxygen bar ;)

The Flashpoint trailers are back!!! They were gone for a few days, but have come back. I saw Amy Jo first celebrity sighting. I'll admit it....I giggled. So, I made Brad and Griffin sit with me on a park bench right outside their trailers hoping to see more actors or at least something exciting. We did see an actor with fake blood and bruising all down her face and dirt all over her outfit. Maybe a fighting scene? Car accident?

Perhaps she gets run down by a motorized wheelchair like I almost did at Woofstock. I literally had to jump out of the way. No. Joke.

Earlier at the park there seemed to be a McDonald's commercial being filmed and yesterday OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) was filming. Looks like we scored big on location! I just need to weasel my way in...You'd think they'd want me; I could pull out the wheelchair and oxygen at the same time and everything!

Speaking of the park, it's time to head down for the furry, butt-sniffing social hour!


  1. Haha, you are so funny. I think you mean Younge street, not Yongue haha.

  2. Thanks! However; the street is actually spelled "Yonge", not "Younge" or "Yongue".

  3. hi shay here so if you took your bubby with you and you called it squeaker becaucse it squeakes how are you doing i want to come out to see you hope i see you soon love you sooooo much xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi Shay!! It sure does squeak!
      Miss you lots. Love you even more!

  4. thanks jessica i think about you all the time you are also in my dreams too i miss you so much i love your blog i think that you are beside me all thetime i miss you so so so much hope when you come home you come and see us love Shaylynn and Kenna

  5. hi Jessica i think that you blog is a great idea for someone to have cf but better when you do it i hope that you pager will go off and get thoes lunges becauces i want you to come home soon and dance play do allsortes of things youlunges will change your life love Shay

    1. Oh Shay :)
      Sorry I didn't see your other comment until today. I miss you lots and lots.
      I will absolutely be coming to see you when I get home! We have dancing and playing to do!
      Love you and Kenna lots and lots.xoxo