Thursday, 14 June 2012

The importance of organ donation.

Today at physio there was an argument regarding a Bieber/Gomez pregnancy, "Selena wouldn't lie." Apparently she will be accompanying Justin to Toronto for the Much Music Video Awards this weekend, so I'll ask her then when she stops by my condo for coffee.

Brad was his usual drill sergeant self..."2, 3, 4" curls of the dumbbell, when in reality I was on 6, 7, 8. He wanted to get me to try 2.0 on the treadmill, but I convinced him to let me stay at 1.7 (I can picture it now, my body hurtling off the machine, taking out the other patients, colliding with the wall and shattering into a million pieces). Today I did step it up a notch - 3 lb weights on my ankles instead of 2. I'm a fricking hero!

But then...

Knock, knock came the call of reality ...I learned that 2 of the women there today have been waiting for a new set of lungs for 1 year.

That is sad. Scary. Overwhelming. Serious.

A medley of emotions run through you when you are faced with the reality of transplant.

The fact about waiting for new windbags, is that everything is so unknown. I, like my family and friends, want to believe that Cletus (my pager) will scream at me, and I'll be in a cab, racing through the concrete jungle on my way to a new life...very, very soon. However, reality is...I could be waiting a lot longer than that.

Toronto: I love you lung time, not long time!

More importantly, there are many, many others who need an organ or tissue transplant.

I can only hope that most of you are, or will consider being, an organ and tissue donor. Not to be callous, but you can't take it with you and you certainly can't use it after you're gone. Being in my situation, it only stands to reason that I am an advocate, but consider this:

What if it were you waiting for new lungs, a liver, a heart, a kidney, a pancreas, tissue or blood?

What if it were your son/daughter/mother/father/partner/sister/brother/friend, etc?

Want to know what you can donate? Read more here:

In Nova Scotia, signing up to be a donor is the easy part, simply check the box on  your health card renewal form. The follow through is JUST as crucial. Please, please, please ensure that your family/next of kin is aware of and will honour your aspirations. (If outside NS, check with your province or state for their organ and tissue donation procedures.)

Talking about kicking the bucket is really narsty, I know. Except - death happens. To everyone. Why is it that we are so afraid to talk about 2 of the most inevitable things in life: death and money?

Public announcement: I am an organ and tissue donor. Chuck them in a Coleman and away you go!

Story to end the night: Brad and I were out of milk (needed for shepherd's pie). I jump in the wheelchair (as I'm spent from walking back from TGH), grab the G-man and we head out the door. At this point we are starving and Brad has a headache.

We get to the nearest grocery store: Sprinklers flooded the condo above and water was dripping from their ceiling. They closed as we got there. No milk.

Go down the street to the nearest convenience store. No milk.

Hit next closest convenience store. One 2L milk left - but container had been opened.

Finally, having foraged the neighbourhood, we locate milk at the nearest gas station.

Again, I appeal to your humanity...Please. Send. Cow.


  1. Been looking for a cow for you, just can't find the right colour, lol.
    For the record my organs are up for picking once I am finished with them, especially the saggy old wrinkled skin.

    1. Glad I have you out there searching Linda! The right colour is essential; keep hunting. So happy you're an organ donor. xoxo

  2. Miss my best friend. I may question everything and everyone else in my life, but never you.