Monday, 11 June 2012

Eaton Centre 500: Wheelchair Edition

My first weekend in Toronto went by quickly; you'd think I wouldn't care so much about the weekends since I'm not currently working, but you'd be wrong. Weekends still feel just as good. Time to do fun things and also time to relax. Luckily, the weekend was both. Any time I do anything requiring energy, I also need equal time to recoup. Or more.

Example: Yesterday we spent 30 minutes up on the roof soaking up some sun. After that we planned on getting groceries. However, lying in the sun, as it is super strenuous, made me tired and I promptly fell asleep for an hour, delaying the gathering of the food (thank you Brad for slipping on my O2, as I was too exhausted).

***I have to enjoy the sun while I can; post-transplant you almost have to avoid the sun, due to an elevated risk for skin cancer from the immunosuppressive medications.***

I would also like to add, thank god for No Frills, as the Sobeys close by is hideous. Reminds me of a 7-Eleven.

This morning we wake up to...HEAT. The A/C is gone in to hiding. Maintenance tells us it's a building-wide problem. "It'll be fixed today!"

Off to physio. They asked me last week to switch my Tuesday to Monday, just for this week. Another person there today had CF, and since we aren't supposed to be in contact (due to cross contamination) I had to stay on my side, and him on his. Kind of like before the bell rings in a boxing match. Imagine 2 cystics head to head?

Time out; Coughing break!
Time out; Turn up the oxygen!
Wait, they've passed out before the opening bell!

Today I met a guy who was on the list for 2 months and is now 8 weeks post. Another dude only waited 7 weeks for his new blowers and then another man came in who was there for his FIVE year post-transplant check up. Sweet!

I've decided I have to make the switch to liquid oxygen. This tanks-only-lasting-for-less-than-two-hours thing is not working out. With liquid oxygen the tanks last 5-6 hours. Plus you can fill them up at the hospital. Filling up the tank...sounds familiar. And really you can compare the 2; oxygen is my fuel. Thank god it's not $1.40/L!!

Today I scored a wheelchair off kijiji. It'll be delivered either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday. After that we can do some exploring of the city!

Speaking of wheelchairs...

On the way back we stopped at the Eaton Centre. We signed out a wheelchair as the place is monsterous and this girl does not do well walking around malls.

So there we are, wheeling around the mall, when we notice another guy in a motorized chair. We're moving along and then we realize...buddy is speeding up. Is he actually racing us??? We go down a ramp and we're neck in neck. Motorized guy pulls ahead. Brad steps on it. Motorized guy looks over with a grin.

Race. Is. On. 

Motorized guy launches forward. Brad's competitive nature kicks in. He accelerates...and almost loses a flip-flop.

This back and forth continues until we eventually go in seperate directions. Until next time motorized guy...

We get home and discover the A/C is still broken. Gross. Apparently the HVAC guys left without A) telling management and B) actually fixing the problem! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Tonight I'll leave you with this quote from the physio room:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

It's calling for rain tomorrow...let's get this par-tay started!


  1. Hi squeegie. We miss you lots. Sounds like quite a trip in the wheelchair. Does Brad have his license? Will talk to you tomorrow. Luv ya lots

    Mom & Dad

  2. ok computer smart i,m not so i,ll try this again. Hi Jessica,Brad,and Griffin. This blog is a wonderful way for us at home to travel with you on your quest for new lungs. I say Brad you are the luckey one to have found a woman like Jessica who can LIVE,LOVE,LAUGH,and oh so SPUNKEY.There is an old saying ,(what really matters is what happens within us ,not what happensto us).You dear Jessica could teach the world a thing or two about that.NEW LUNGS watch out world here comes JESSICA. I visit the blog every day ,sometime,s with tears i must admit and i say a litle prayer for you every night. Keep up the amazing attude and wonderful sence of humor. Love Always and Forever Aunt Heather xo xo

    1. Thank you Heather for your kind words. Brad is lucky to have me but let me tell you he is such an amazing person. He is kind, caring, honest, cute, adorable, strong, adorable, funny, adorable etc.

    2. seems Brad likes to impersonate me in his spare time. Thanks Heather; I'm so glad you get to read along. You are way too sweet. You tell Nanny that my "spunkiness" comes from her :)
      Love you all,

  3. I read your blogs daily and your attitude is amazing. Your sense of humour has me both laughing and in tears. I lived in downtown TO for many years and can picture so much of where you are. As I said to your Mom on FB you should have these printed into a book for inspiration for others once you are home and healthy. You are in our prayers daily and we wish you only new chunky healthy lungs soon and all the best.!! Carol K (New Germany)

    1. Aw Thanks Carol! I love comments; it's nice to know who's reading. This place is crazy and it just so happens that the intersection right outside our building is in line for "Most horns blared in one day in the entire world" award. However, I'm enjoying the experience and can't wait to come home with new chunky lungs!

  4. Miss you lots there Jess. I love reading these posts everyday because u make me laugh and cry at the same time. You are the strongest women i know and you can always see the positives on any situation. Tell Brad to make sure he wears sneakers from now on. LOL Miss ya.

  5. Who is this? You didn't leave your name so it's hard for me to reply :(

  6. Hey, have to say you are a strong woman. I've read your posts and you have a way with you make everything so light hearted and funny. I'm so glad I caught Laura's cross post in Facebook about your blog. I wish you all the best. Enjoy Toronto!! So much to see and great shopping!!! LoL
    Sarah Cox (former NG classmate :) )

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you found the blog. Toronto is a mixed bag, delightfully funny and yet so, so strange. I am definitely enjoying :)

  7. I've been blog stalking you for a while now. Creeped out yet? :)

    My husband Derek Jefferson told me that you have a blog, and he knows that I love finding new ones to read. You're such an awesome writer! I love hearing about your adventures while you wait for a transplant, and I've my fingers crossed that it won't be a really long wait for you.

    1. Hey Lila! Thanks for the compliment. I'll be checking out your blog too!