Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blood sucking, Street meat & Woofstock

Friday was a long, long day.

Back to the hospital. First up - a trip to blood collection. They test our blood every 3 months for antibodies. They do blood tests during assessment week, which is the normal needle in the vein, but also includes an arterial blood gas. The ABG can be incredibly painful and involves driving a needle and syringe into your artery. Sweet, eh? Anyway, my blood test during assessment week revealed antibodies. I have an appointment with the hematology department next week to learn more; something about the antibodies can attack the new lungs and will have to be washed out during surgery. Mr. Surgeon assured me it's nothing for me to worry about...phew!

I'm starting to wonder if it's a prerequisite to be a crank face to work in the blood collection department.

I'm not sucking your blood lady - relax!!

 Next we headed up to physio. Along the way we witnessed people yelling at each other, over what, I'm not totally sure...but we're getting used to it. People scream at each other here. Every. Single. Day.

Physio went well. My lungs decided to fill up, which allowed me to showcase my fabulous coughing abilities, and as usual everyone was jealous. Physio Lady basically said it was up to me if I was ready to add the bike to my routine, or if I wanted to wait until next week. Trainer Brad didn't give me a choice and threw me on. He's tough. It's a good thing I have my oxygen tubing for when he gets out of line.

After physio we grabbed hotdogs from a vendor - who doesn't love street meat?? Then we met up with my friend, Marija, who's in town for 3 weeks for work.  We ended up going to a delicious pub called Jersey Giant. Definitely going back - so, so, so good. The sucky part would be all the smokers who sit on the patio. I think the one buddy was trying to get in to the Guinness Book of World Records for most cigarettes sucked back and beer slammed down throat in 30 minutes. Everybody has a goal, right?

We walked Marija home and I tried hard to walk all the way back, but was hit with exhaustion and low blood sugar. Not an ideal combo; I'd much rather have the Big Mac. We hopped in a cab and realized 2 things:

1. Taxi man obtained his drivers license from a box of Corn Flakes; the No Name variety.
2. Always, always confirm the cab has a working credit card machine.


Today was Woofstock!

Woofstock is North America's largest festival for dogs. Over 25o vendors. We took Griffin there for a bit, but he was pretty overwhelmed, so we brought him back so he could relax in the A/C. Honestly, it was much more relaxing for us once we didn't have to worry about him stressing out. The g-man actually popped out of his collar!

We ended up scoring dog food for $15 cheaper than at the pet store, seasoning for his food, a toy, some other freebies and a large yummy bone (to our surprise, one of their most popular lines is made of bull penis. Swear.).

Check it out:

Soooo swank-ay!

Isis, who was on the news. Look at the nails! Some owners are cra-zee!
The g-man with his new friend, Tommy the Turtle.



  1. Very happy that you and the B-Rad are keeping busy!

  2. shay here the g man looks like my dog but he does not have a turtle he has a allagoter named dog breath lol it really does