Saturday, 7 March 2015

My world

I mustn't apologize. For not blogging. Due to being human and busy and being alive really. I've been too busy breathing!

I didn't even update about my 2 year assessment. My 2 year lungiversary. Christmas. My tall dark and handsome asking me to love him for the rest of our lives (with the help of my handsome step-sons to be). House hunting. 

Life in general. 

#1 my assessment kicked a$$. I had a blast with my buddy Tara alongside. I met her family (she's fe Ontario) and saw friends and best of all, had a clean bill of health. 

Basically, I'm too busy to get sick anyway. Ain't nobody got time for that, right?

Tara taught me a bit about wine (which I now understand the whole loving wine thing) and I showed her the beauty in basketball. We went to a Raptors game with some transplant friends and it was fabulouso!!! 🏀

My two year lungiversary came and went.  I continue to breath easy and sometimes forget what it was like to struggle for each breath. I continue to do normal things and forget that there was a time I would have given anything to be this normal. My lung function continues to impress me and my body - we are overwhelmed and in awe of you, donor. 

Christmas came and we had an incredible hidatcwith the boys. We spent lots of time on the island, where I preceded to scarf an entire box of cookies. 

I'm now 134 lbs btw. Yup. No lie. 

Remember when I dreamed of weighing more and would think like an elephant on the scale? I no longer need to do that for I have an insatiable appetite. Chips, chocolate, anything with calories really. 

Christmas Eve Brad and the boys hauled out an unbelievably sparkly and outrageous diamond ring. I didn't even answer the question. I was so shocked and stupified. Finally, I muttered something that resembled OMG how did I ever get this lucky to score this family and be asked to be a part of it forever. 

I floated around forever in disbelief. I'm going to marry the man of my dreams. My very own tall, dark and handsome. 



After Chrismtas the house hunting began. It was an interesting, frustrating and exciting process. 

We found it! Our very own dream home. A place we knew right away felt like home and had to be ours. 

Not only have I survived, I've gotten engGed and we've bought a house. 

Take that cystic fibrosis. 

Right in the face.  

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