Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Monday

I watched the Oscars last night. 

Beautiful people and dresses all over the place. 


I was supposed to co-host with Ellen, however there was a conflict in my schedule. 

I had to wash my hair. Ooops. Sorry Ellen. Next time. 

Over the weekend I finally got out and socialized a bit. It felt great getting out and not spending the weekend in lockup, jealous of everyone and their social activities. We watched a bunch of university basketball games. Ate some food. 

And then...

Saturday night I woke with horrible stomach pains. As in fetal position, tears streaming, praying for a sledge hammer to knock myself out kind of pain. 

I felt it all day Sunday. I stayed home. No way I could sit and watch basketball with my stomach threatening to detonate at any moment. 

The pain came out to play this morning while a needle was sticking in my arm. Yup, more bloodwork. 

I actually managed to roll my limp body out of bed at 7am. It's been awhile since I could function at that hour. 

I was poked. Got my jacket on to leave and heard, "Oh Jessica, you're going to hate me!"

Turns out the tech forgot to get one vial. Another poke and I was out the door. 

I've been told I have small sneaky veins. Good news is that I have one in my right arm that jumps out and waves at the techs and can handle lots of damage. 

I'm struggling a bit with my energy today. However, I'll attribute that to the stomach pain. 

There's worse things than cuddling my furry boys on the couch, heating pad going full blast, sipping on hazelnut coffee. 

Spoiler alert: I am starting to fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk in May. 

I'll post the link here soon. 

If you're local, there's a seperate, and very cool, fundraiser that I'll talk about as well. 

Happy Monday!

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