Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I woke several times throughout the night. This is typical. I wake and the pain hits me. I clutch the heating pad to my stomach, throw back some water between my parched lips and ulcer-infested mouth. Try not to bawl my eyes out at the stabbing pain this ulcer has brought to my life. 

When I woke in the morning, things hadn't improved. Instead, I had shooting pain in my head and back as well. Why not? Let's spread the "love". My whole body might as well be in on it. 

I threw back some tylenol, along with the 300 other pills I take in the morning. Problem is - swallowing pills is like a knife hacking away at my throat. 

I brace myself, take only a few at a time, then wince at the pain. 

I have an ENT specialist appointment. Next freaking week. Will my throat last that long? Or will it put on a pair of skates, pretend it's in Sochi, and rip the crap out of me? 

Gold Medal goes to - squeegee's tonsillitis!!

Today, I did manage to shower and cover up all the silver sneaking its way into my hair. Seriously, stop. There is no room for silver. (I say silver instead of gray as it sounds sexier. Like shimmery or something.)

Other than that I've been laying on the couch with my boys. Listening to them breathe/snore in tandem. They are pretty talented. I may record and sell this stuff. Become rich. Hire my own personal ENT. 

Screw you tonsillitis!!

I have grand ideas. I want to rise, don my winter boots, jacket and scarf, and go buy Brad's birthday present. I'm so beyond late getting him something...something about being hospitalized prevented me from hitting the shops. 

But all I can do is lay here on the couch. Typing this. Imagining myself heading out the door, starting the car, driving to the store, picking out an amazing gift, making an amazing meal and then continuing to be amazing. 

Can I do it? Do I have the energy?


  1. you still have your humour thru all of this. amazing woman you are.